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Vessel Service Solutions – The Perfect Example of the Flexibility of FileMaker

Feb 23, 2017

Here is how it works, when a distress call is received any employee can assign that case (using a desktop or iOS device) to a captain. The captain then receives the case on an iPad or iPhone and, after assisting the boater, he updates the case with customer and service information, grabs a signature, and submits the case back to dispatch.

6 Reasons to Switch to FM Books Online Server Side Plug-in

Feb 3, 2017

We now have six new reasons for you to love our FM Books Connector Online Edition plug-in – and they all have to do with it being server-side compatible.

How VSS Helped TowBoatU.S. San Diego Go Mobile, Paperless, and Save Money

Jan 19, 2017

TowBoatU.S. San Diego, founded in 1987, is the most established Towboat company in San Diego. Their experienced staff assists thousands of boats a year off the coast of Southern California and Baja, Mexico. Rob Butler’s company is ranked number four in the U.S. in terms of caseload volume. TowBoatU.S. San Diego is 100% mobile and 100% paperless.

A Non-Exhaustive List of How VSS Can Make Your Life Easier

Dec 16, 2016

What is Vessel Service Solutions (VSS)? It is a solution designed for the boat assistance and towing industry. Simply stated, your business is assisting boaters and managing a fleet – and VSS is here to help you efficiently manage every aspect in between.

How VSS Helped Baltimore Marine Recovery Operate More Efficiently

Dec 14, 2016

Baltimore Marine Recovery, LLC (BMR) provides emergency towing, salvage, refloat, charter, and launch services to the Chesapeake Bay area. BMR has been using Vessel Service Solutions (VSS) for three years and in 2015, won the BoatU.S. Smooth Sailing Award for “Superior Operational and Organizational Standards” – with help from VSS.

Is 123sync the Right FileMaker to QuickBooks Integration Option for You?

Nov 14, 2016

123sync is just one option available for those interested in integrating their FileMaker solution with their QuickBooks Accounting file. Find out if it’s the right option for you.

FM Books Connector Online Edition Plug-in for FileMaker and QuickBooks Online

FM Books Connector Online Edition Debuts Added FileMaker 64-bit and Mac Compatibility

Nov 1, 2016

Learn more about the exciting updates in version 2 of the FM Books Connector Online Edition plug-in.

Introducing Core5 Starter Edition CRM – Intuitive, scalable, and pre-configured for QuickBooks

Oct 20, 2016

The Core5 CRM is an intuitive solution that allows you to easily manage contacts, sales, and documents. It is also pre-built to push invoices and contacts to your QuickBooks file.

Introducing BYO Cloud Setup, Consultation, and Account Management Services

Oct 13, 2016

We have two new services for FileMaker Cloud to get you up and running on AWS.


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