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Setting Up FileMaker with a Weather API

As you may know from experience, the weather has a tremendous impact on your ability to do business. With a...
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Interested in Using the FileMaker Barcode Add-On With Your FileMaker Solution?

Data moves our world. Tools like barcodes make it possible to transmit this essential data much more quickly. Thanks to...
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Mastering Claris & FileMaker Server – Learn best practices for hosting your own FileMaker files

Did you see our course, Mastering Claris & FileMaker Server? Productive Computing University revamped its Claris & FileMaker SSL course...
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Challenges and Benefits of Using the FileMaker Calendar Add-On

Are you using a calendar in your FileMaker solution? FileMaker is well over 30 years old, but it wasn't until...
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Do Musicians Make the Best Developers?

It might sound counterintuitive, but some of the world's best developers are also accomplished musicians. Productive Computing's CEO, Marc Larochelle,...
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Everything You Need To Know About Kanban and FileMaker

Tools like FileMaker make it a cinch to work faster and smarter. But you still need a solid process behind...
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5 Expert Tips For Future-Proofing Your FileMaker CRM

How does your business interact with its customers?  Some businesses are able to get by without any formal tools or...
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“What Is My Latency?” Try This Free FileMaker Add-on

Measured in milliseconds, latency is an important factor for understanding slowdowns in either your infrastructure or your customers' systems. Latency...
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Preparing For The FileMaker Certification Exam: Better Ways To Study

Certifications are the standard in the world of IT and technology. Like many other platforms, FileMaker also offers a certification...
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5 Ways Our FileMaker Development Team Can Help Your Business

85% of SMBs say technology makes them more successful. But there's such a thing as technology overload in any organization-this...
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Network Monitor Tool – Analyze Traffic In and Out of FileMaker

What is the Network Monitor tool? We have written and talked about several FileMaker developer tools in our blogs and...
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Which Claris FileMaker Licensing Option Should I Choose?

AVLA, VLA, ASLA, SLA, concurrency connections, etc. - what does all this mean and how does it affect how you...
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