FileMaker Solutions

Manage your business with Core4 or Core5 CRMs and easily connect to QuickBooks
Mobile, customizable, secure and scalable

Centralize Data

A FileMaker solution helps you consolidate information from multiple sources and keep track of contacts and leads, manage appointments and tasks, or easily store
and retrieve documents.

Streamline Processes

As your business grows, so does the number of applications used to document, bill, track and schedule contacts, orders and events. Organize it all in one place
with a FileMaker solution. 

Work Anywhere

Use the power of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect to ensure your team can access important client information and the most up-to-date data from any location and on any device.

What is a FileMaker Solution?

Looking for a FileMaker solution to manage your business?

We have built a number of off-the-shelf and custom FileMaker solutions. Employing FileMaker's best practices and latest technologies, we deliver quality, feature-rich solutions to run your business.

Use one of our pre-built CRMs to centralize your data and connect to third-party apps like QuickBooks, Outlook and Apple Contacts, freeing you from time consuming task of double entry.

We understand that off-the-shelf solutions and a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for every organization. With FileMaker we can create customized solutions to fit your specific processes and workflow. Contact us for more info or submit a Request for Quote.

Core5 Starter Edition CRM Solution on FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go

Core5 Starter Edition CRM

A streamlined FileMaker app for your small business. Customizable, scalable and affordable, this CRM tool is designed to manage the essential aspects of your company.

  • Contacts - maintain customer, vendor & lead information
  • QuickBooks - integrate with QuickBooks Desktop or Online* 
  • Dashboard - review contacts, sales & tasks
  • Documents - keep all customer documents in one place
  • Sales - track all stages of a sale from estimate to order to invoice

Core4 CRM

Core4 is an easy-to-use FileMaker solution that enables you to organize and access your data anywhere using FileMaker Pro on your desktop, FileMaker Go on the iPad, or FileMaker WebDirect from a web browser.

  • Contacts - manage client information, communication & documents
  • Dashboard & reporting - review task lists, reports & graphs
  • Accounting - generate estimates & invoices & push to QuickBooks*
  • Project management - track project items, activities & timer entries
  • Inventory management manage items & track inventory levels
  • Calendar integration - connect with Outlook* or Apple Calendar* to manage events & tasks


Core4 CRM FIleMaker Starter Solution on FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker Web Direct
Vessel Service Solutions on multiple devices

Vessel Service Solutions

VSS is a vertical FileMaker solution for the marine towing industry. Using the FileMaker Go app on an iPad or iPhone, captains can easily dispatch, track, and manage towing cases with a 100% paperless and mobile solution.

  • Tow cases - receive, fulfill & manage with ease
  • Fuel & maintenance logs - track fuel usage, engine hours & maintenance 
  • Reports - details on cases, staff payroll & boats right at your fingertips
  • Preferences - manage your team, services, boats & more 
  • QuickBooks integration - push invoices to your QuickBooks file in batches or one at a time

Custom FileMaker Solutions

The FileMaker platform is a launchpad for almost any idea you can dream up. We have a custom development team that will work with you to craft and refine an app custom to your workflow and operational needs. 

  • Built for you - every element is customized to meet your needs
  • Expand & connect - integrate with industry websites or applications 
  • Mobilize your workforce - access via Mac, Windows, iOS device or web
  • Automate routine processes - free up your staff to focus on other priorities
  • Flexible & secure deployment - work securely using the FileMaker Server environment, encryption & SSL certificates
FileMaker Solution Custom Development

* Integration between FileMaker solutions, QuickBooks, Outlook and other applications require additional plug-ins and are available for purchase separately.

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