FileMaker Application Integration

Simplify your workflow by connecting other software applications with FileMaker, eliminating double-entry to work more seamlessly.  Billed “by the hour” these services consist of connecting FileMaker with:

  • QuickBooks & Other Accounting Systems

  • Credit Card Processing

  • eCommerce Shopping Carts & Inventory

  • Google Apps & Services

  • Microsoft Outlook & Exchange

  • Shipping & Fulfillment

  • Text Messaging

  • Electronic Signatures & Biometric Readers

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Don't add another application to your workflow!

Stop jumping from one application to another to get your workflow done. Let FileMaker
be the powerhouse to push and pull data with your favorite applications.


Is your accounting staff tired of doing double entry? Are they constantly being interrupted by other staff to get the current balance due or check on an invoice? Free up their time by connecting FileMaker to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

Payment Processing

Ever wondered if it was possible to pull in payments from your favorite processing app into FileMaker to simplify your workflow? Well, it's possible and all with a click of a button. Securely capture credit card information, process more payments, and have fewer data entry errors.


Did you know that you can ship more and process shipments faster just through your FileMaker solution? That's right, quickly exchange data with your shipping application. No more double entry, fewer mistakes, faster processing, and real-time tracking for users.

API Integration​

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Each time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message or check the weather on your phone, you're using an API.​

Depending on an application's API we can integrate your FileMaker app with it on some level to streamline your workflow. Letting your team use one solution versus multiple applications.



Simplify your invoicing process, while securely providing visibility to the rest of your staff!

Whether you use the QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online application, if you have FileMaker, we can automate the workflow of your accounting processes.

What we offer:

Accurate invoicing means less headaches for your staff and your customers.

Visibility of account balances and the ability to process payments empowers your staff to provide better customer service.

Reduces disruptions and provides your accounting staff more time to focus on processing, collecting, and reporting.

Improves security by keeping the financials in the hands of accounting.

Allows you to share customer balances and invoices on remote/mobile devices.

QuickBooks Integration

Payment Processing

Simplify your payment and invoice process by using FileMaker instead of multiple applications.

FileMaker Payment Processing

Providing your customers with a way to easily pay for their orders and invoices that your staff just pulls into FileMaker is a win-win for everyone.


Single interface to send invoices, process, and pull in payments.

If you have QuickBooks, you can push and pull the same information for your accounting and reporting needs.

Less stress and work for your accounting staff.

More visibility to the rest of the staff so they can provide better customer service.

Popular payment processing applications and services:






FileMaker Shipping Integration


Streamline your shipping and fulfillment
processes by using FileMaker alone!

If the shipping and fulfillment process is still being done in multiple steps using multiple applications, then you are ready to talk with us about how to simplify your workflow.


Faster processing time bypassing printing documents to hand over to shipping department.

Accurate data entry means bypassing having to enter data manually into a second application to create labels.

Real-time costs and tracking visibility for the rest of the staff.

Popular payment processing applications and services:


UPS WorldShip

Integrate FileMaker with a variety of other popular applications


Easily manage your products, orders, and inventory within FileMaker by connecting to your eCommerce app and website.



Big Commerce





Google Integrations

Simplify your workflow & give more power to your team by integrating FileMaker with popular Google applications.


Google Calendar

Google Maps (Geofencing)

Google Tasks

Google Drive

Text Messaging

Automate and consolidate customer communication with your team. Send, receive, and store text messages directly in FileMaker.

SMS messages and notifications


Many More Options

Improve your processes by connecting FileMaker to the API of any one of these applications or services.










Don't see what you need on the list? Give us a call!

There are many other companies that offer API's. So if you don't see your application on the list above, let us know. We will let you know if an API is available. And if not, then we could build a custom plug-in to work with the application.

Are you looking to customize your FileMaker app by expanding the features or functionality? Our team of certified FileMaker developers can update your existing system, create an entirely new FileMaker app, or assist with the technical installations of FileMaker Server.

No project is too big or too small, we'll assist you with everything from simple consulting to flat rate packaged services and complete FileMaker solution redesigns. Give us a call at 760-510-1200 and let us know how we can help!

FREE API Integration​ Sample Files

Enroll in this FREE course to get access to multiple unlocked FileMaker sample files. Learn to connect FileMaker to Shopify, Calendly, Freshdesk, Weather APIs, and more!

If you are new to the world of APIs, but want to try setting it up yourself, our sample files are the perfect place to start.