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Your VSS Setup Package includes assisted set up and comprehensive training on all modules in VSS. However, in order to ensure a smooth transition and quick adaptation, we encourage our clients to review the videos prior to our onboarding meetings and to utilize them as an ongoing resource for training future employees or to brush up on system functionality. 

These videos cover basically everything you need to know about the system and include tips and tricks to fully utilize VSS which we may not get a chance to cover in the onboarding sessions.

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VSS Video Training

VSS Blog Posts

Vessel Service Solutions V New Features

By Stephanie Floyd | January 10, 2019

The newest version of our FileMaker vertical solution, Vessel Service Solutions, has just hit the shelf and we’re happy to report that there are a lot of new features in … Read More

VSS V 2.4: How to Push Invoices and Pull Balances with QuickBooks

By Stephanie Floyd | July 11, 2017

This blog provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Vessel Service Solutions file with your QuickBooks Online account.

FileMaker 16 Compatibility Update: Plug-ins and Solutions

By Stephanie Floyd | May 12, 2017

FileMaker 16 was just released and that blue color scheme is not the only thing that’s new! FileMaker 16 is debuting with some exciting updates for both Windows and Mac users.

Vessel Service Solutions – The Perfect Example of the Flexibility of FileMaker

By Stephanie Floyd | February 23, 2017

Here is how it works, when a distress call is received any employee can assign that case (using a desktop or iOS device) to a captain. The captain then receives the case on an iPad or iPhone and, after assisting the boater, he updates the case with customer and service information, grabs a signature, and submits the case back to dispatch.

How VSS Helped TowBoatU.S. San Diego Go Mobile, Paperless, and Save Money

By Stephanie Floyd | January 19, 2017

TowBoatU.S. San Diego, founded in 1987, is the most established Towboat company in San Diego. Their experienced staff assists thousands of boats a year off the coast of Southern California and Baja, Mexico. Rob Butler’s company is ranked number four in the U.S. in terms of caseload volume. TowBoatU.S. San Diego is 100% mobile and 100% paperless.


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