FileMaker Custom Development

Our team of certified FileMaker developers will get your solution on the right track
Packages, prepaid blocks or hourly

Invest in Performance

Our team of certified developers can update your legacy system by removing unused elements, modernizing the user interface and speeding up connections to reinforce your solution.

Expand Capability

Use our team to integrate your FileMaker solution with third-party applications and deploy beyond the desktop using iPads, iPhones and web browsers.

Trust in Experience

With over 20 years of FileMaker development, problem-solving and business experience, you can expect to work with a collaborative, innovative and responsive team.

FileMaker Custom Development Services

You have probably experienced the frustration of trying to fit an off-the-shelf solution into your current, daily workflow. With FileMaker, you can create an app that is user-friendly, feature-rich and designed with your existing workflow in mind.

Our team of certified FileMaker developers and designers can assist with cleaning up your existing system, creating an entirely new FileMaker app or assisting with the technical installations of FileMaker Server.

No project is too big or too small, we'll assist you with everything from simple consulting to in-depth integrations and complete FileMaker solution redesigns.

Not sure where to start? Try one of our packages (Health Assessment, Interface Design or Server Installation) or contact us for more information on FileMaker custom development.

Get Started with a Custom Development Package

Health Assessment


Let us get to know your solution, business logic, infrastructure and pain points.
We’ll provide our findings and recommendations to ensure stability, security and performance.

Consultation meeting

Errors/Unused items assessment

Server inspection check

Schema and script assessment

Interface Design


Enhance your FileMaker solution’s aesthetics and improve performance. An organized layout and streamlined workflow helps users to complete their tasks more efficiently and accurately.

Introduction to User Interface design

Up to 2 hours of workflow discussion

One design concept

Three rounds of revisions

Server Installation


Let us handle your FileMaker Server installation and provide the support you need to get your team up and running on a new server with minimal downtime and interruption to your team.

Installation of FileMaker Server

Configuration of backups

FileMaker WebDirect & Go access

Performance recommendations

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