FileMaker Custom Development

Our team of certified FileMaker developers has 20+ years of business and development experience. There isn't much that FileMaker or our team can't do, so let us fix, expand, create, link, consult, or support your mission-critical solution.

Security & Stability

Making sure your mission-critical solution is protected from external threats, internal accidents, or knowing that your FileMaker solution can be expanded should be at the top of your priority list. We have several packages to give you options on how to improve, fix or stabilize your solution.

Expand & Streamline

If the off-the-shelf applications don't match your workflow or your existing solution needs to do more, it's time to talk about customization. Stop wasting time on double-entry or using multiple applications to get the job done. Let us work with you to build a better FileMaker solution that is more focused and productive.

Day-to-Day Support

When you are responsible for running your business, but find yourself interrupted with fixing, modifying, adding, or troubleshooting the FileMaker solution that your business depends on, it's time to get help. Our Maintenance Support program and dedicated team can help you focus on important business matters.​

Packaged Services

When you want to secure your mission-critical solution, know how stable it is, or improve the user experience to increase productivity, we have a package for you.

We provide our clients with defined deliverables for each package below for a great price, so we can get to work and get the job done quickly.

Purchase these FileMaker services individually or sign up for our Maintenance Support Program which includes all these services upon joining.

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    FileMaker SSL Certificate Installation

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    FileMaker Security Audit Report & Consultation

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    Solution Health Assessment

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    FileMaker Server Installation


Application Integration

If you use DocuSign,,, QuickBooks, Google, Freshdesk, Calendly or other applications, we can connect it to your FileMaker solution to streamline your workflow.​

FileMaker can integrate with any application that has an API, not that you need to know what that is because our certified FileMaker development team does. No more double entry and using fewer applications will allow your staff to be more productive.

Custom FileMaker Development

When you need to resolve ongoing issues, get FileMaker scripting advice, expand an existing FileMaker solution or create something new, our certified FileMaker developers are ready to help.

General Support

One-on-one paid support service with a developer (under 10-hours)


Initial consult with a developer & high-level guesstimate 

Discovery & Planning

Deep dive into business rules & workflow to create a final estimate

Personalized Estimate

For verification of requests before development begins

Custom Development

Upon approval, development begins with recurring review meetings & testing

Go Live Support

Up to 60-days for beta testing & Go-Live Support with response times of 1-2 days


General Support

Hire us for small projects (under 10-hours), consultation on development best practices, to help fix functionality issues, or get assistance with integrating one of our plug-ins.


Custom Development

Hire our team for medium to large projects to expand your existing FileMaker app, create something new, customize our Core CRM Pro, or integrate with an API or another application.


Emergency "Code Red"

When the unimaginable or unexpected thing happens, and your business is brought to a standstill our team of FileMaker developers can get you back up and running. Higher hourly rates apply.

Maintenance Support Program

Designed to deliver peace of mind by addressing the day-to-day support of your FileMaker solution. Improve your business productivity by letting us keep your database system running smoothly.

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    Dedicated team of certified FileMaker developers.

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    Unlimited support on small development and support requests (under 2-hours per request).

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    Unlimited support FileMaker Pro installation, usage, and training (add, edit, delete, finding, navigation, etc.).

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    Free consulting sessions on programming best practices and workflow recommendations.

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    Free Health Assessment (a $2,000 value); like getting a physical, this is an in-depth review of your FileMaker solution and its environment.

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    Unlimited FileMaker Server Support; upgrades, backups, error monitoring, and SSL certificate installation.

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    Unlimited User Interface Services: no 2-hour restriction on development requests.

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