What’s new with FileMaker 17 – Part 2 (Focusing on FileMaker Go)

Part two of our blog series on FileMaker 17 New Features is going to focus on the new features in FileMaker Go. This release allows you to tap into some great iOS features and further bulk up your Go solutions.

Check out our three videos below for more details (these are a continuation of our other article on FileMaker 17 New Features).

Video 6: Auto-Complete Dropdown Lists

First up is the auto-complete feature in dropdown lists, aka auto enter.

This feature allows you to enter data faster and with more accuracy in FileMaker Go. The auto-complete feature works in text fields. You simply type a letter or two and then you will instantly see a list of drop down items that match what you're typing.

We use our Core5 Starter Edition CRM to demonstrate this nifty feature.

Video 7: Configure Local Notifications

The Configure Local Notification feature is also known as Notifications, Push Events, Push Notifications, Simple Notifications or Reminders.

This deep dive covers notifications in general and how they work on an iOS device – including their settings and preferences- and FileMaker Go’s new ability to play with each of the options.

We discuss a couple scenarios to help you better understand the workflow options available with this feature, and we demo this functionality with our Core5 Starter Edition CRM to show you how to script these notifications.

Video 8: Get Sensor Function

In this video, we focus on the new FileMaker Go 17 Get Sensor function. This new mobile function allows developers to tap directly into the iOS device sensor on an iPad or iPhone. FileMaker Go can now query for information including battery status, location, speed, acceleration, air pressure, step counts, and more.

We dive into the GetSensor function and explore all the sensors first-hand using FileMaker Go and our favorite iOS devices. Included below are links to the files we used to create this video, which could save you a considerable amount of time if you want to get a first-hand look at how these sensors work without having to build your own test file. We also briefly explain (along with helpful visuals) on how “roll”, “pitch” and “yaw” work in association with the axis X, Y, and Z to help you better understand the new motion sensors.

This video is worth a watch if you want to see how these sensors work with our very own brand of commentary and insight and take your knowledge of FileMaker Go to the next level.

Here’s a quick link to the solution we use in the video for demonstration - Download Get Sensor Test File

Here's a link to the Sensor 3 article and download: http://bit.ly/2Hkqp5e