Exchange Manipulator Plug-in for FileMaker and Exchange Web Services

Exchange Manipulator SE Plug-in for FileMaker

Centralize your company’s contact list, email correspondence and calendar appointments using the powerful Exchange Manipulator server-side plug-in to pull contacts, calendars, and mail from each user’s Microsoft Exchange account into FileMaker Pro.

Exchange Manipulator SE



A server license allows for an unlimited number of connections to an unlimited number of Exchange accounts for a single organization.


With the Exchange Manipulator SE (Server Edition) you can automate the data import and export process from FileMaker Server and program your solution so that as information gets entered into FileMaker your users' Exchange mailboxes are updated.  This gives your users the ability to access up-to-date FileMaker data on their mobile devices.

While designed for organizations of all sizes, this plug-in excels at handling and connecting to multiple mailboxes - making it an ideal plug-in for large organizations needing near limitless capacity. Capitalize on FileMaker's platform versatility and flexible deployment options by pushing and pulling information via FileMaker Pro, Go, and WebDirect.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook locally, have a look at the Outlook Manipulator plug-in.

Key Features

Connect to Exchange Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Tasks & Notes

Create an archive of all email correspondence in FileMaker

Update or create appointments either in Exchange or FileMaker

Push or pull to shared or public folders in an Exchange environment

Send plain text or HTML formatted emails with multiple attachments from FileMaker

Decline, accept and tentatively accept meeting invitations

Send meeting cancellations from FileMaker

Download our Plug-in Demo

Try our fully functional demo file for up to 30 days. Please note the demo will expire 2 hours from opening your FileMaker application. To reset the demo, close and reopen your FileMaker application.

Need help getting started?

Visit our Help Center for a full list of FAQs and product documentation, submit a question on our PCI FM Forums page, or view videos on our YouTube channel

System Requirements


FileMaker Server 15 - 17 
FileMaker Pro 15 - 17 (32-bit and 64-bit) for client-side plug-in
Windows Server 2012 and 2016
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and 2016
Microsoft 365 Hosted Exchange


Windows 7/8/10

The client-side version of the plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker Pro 15-17 (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows 7/8/10, and may work with earlier versions.
The server side plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker Server 15-17.

Version History

  • Version: | Release Date: 04/05/2019 | PlatformWin Server
    • Added optional parameter to PCEX_Authenticate: "optExchVersion". This parameter specifies the version of the Exchange Server to connect to. By default, this value is Exchange 2013. Please refer to the Functions Guide for more information
    • Added new functionality for PCEX_AddAttachment and PCEX_SaveAttachment, allowing the adding or retrieving of attachments via container fields
    • New Mac Template
    • Miscellaneous updates to the Server-side demo file
  • Version: | Release Date: 11/15/2018 | PlatformWin Server
    • Resolved bug issue where multiple semicolon-separated attendees could not successfully be applied to an appointment
    • Resolved a demo scripting bug issue regarding the Refresh Folder List buttons.
  • Version: | Release Date: 11/12/2018 | PlatformWin Server
    • Updated installer settings to properly upgrade existing Exchange Manipulator installations
    • Updated the PCEX_Authenticate function to include an optional parameter for the Exchange Autodiscover URL. If specified, the plug-in will attempt to connect to Exchange via this Autodiscover URL; otherwise, it will determine the proper autodiscover URL as per the Exchange Web Services protocol
    • This plug-in and its installer is now code-signed, introducing an extra level of security that ensures the plug-in package is not compromised in any way
    • Updated the logic of GetFirstFolder and GetNextFolder to resolve an issue in handling pulling folders from accounts with over 100 folders
    • Updated Developer's Guide
    • Please note: there is no publically released version
  • Version: | Release Date05/15/2018 | PlatformWin Server
    • This plug-in is confirmed compatible with FileMaker Server 15 - 17 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Version: | Release Date07/21/2017 | PlatformWin Server
    • Initial public release
    • This plug-in is confirmed compatible with FileMaker Server 14-16
    • This plug-in is confirmed compatible with Windows Server 2012 and 2016
    • This plug-in is confirmed compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and 2016 and Microsoft 365 Hosted Exchange
    • The client-side plug-in is confirmed compatible with FileMaker Pro 14-16 ( 32-bit and 64-bit) 
    • Added functionality "PCEX_GetAttachmentCID( Index )". This function takes a number and gets the attachment content ID at that index. Content IDs are generated for embedded images. Images that do not have a content ID (like attached files) return blank.
    • Added ability to send meeting cancellations
    • Added the ability to decline, accept, and tentatively accept meeting requests
    • New Client and Server Demo files 
    • New Developers Guide, Functions Guide, and Migration Guide

Additional Information

Please Note:

This fully functional demo file is usable for 30 days. However, the demo will expire 2 hours from opening your FileMaker application. To reset please close and reopen your FileMaker application.

Mac Template Download and Details:

The Exchange Manipulator Mac Template is for development purposes only. For full functionality to communicate directly with Exchange for Windows the full version of the Exchange Manipulator SE plug-in is required. 

Download Mac Template

Licensing Details:

Exchange Manipulator SE is a SaaS (software as a service) product and requires an active subscription. A credit card will be kept on file for automatic renewal. At the time of renewal, we will send you a receipt so that you know your card has been charged. The subscription is required for use of the product and to keep the registration code active.

The server-side plug-in comes with a free copy of the single user (client-side) plug-in to allow for development and authentication with Exchange Web Services. 

Integration Details:

Successful integration of FileMaker plug-ins requires the creation of integration scripts within your FileMaker solution. Intermediate to advanced experience with FileMaker Pro, especially in the areas of scripting and calculations, is necessary to integrate this plug-in. After review of our overview videos, sample scripts and documentation you find you need assistance please contact us or fill out a Request For Quote