Which QuickBooks Desktop Hosting plan is right for you?

If you are considering hosting your QuickBooks Desktop file there are a couple things you need to consider.

  1. How many users do you need to access your hosted QuickBooks Desktop file?
  2. Are you hosting your FileMaker file locally or with a provider other than Productive Computing (PCI)?

Here are three possible scenarios that might fit your situation.

Scenario 1: Single QuickBooks user | Not hosting FileMaker with PCI

Best plan: Single user with our QuickBooks (only) Hosting Plan.

If you only have one person in your office (or working offsite) that needs to access QuickBooks and you are currently hosting your FileMaker file either in-house or with a hosting provider other than Productive Computing, your best option is to sign up for a single user on our QuickBooks Hosting plan.

With this plan, you will have access to a single remote desktop, set up with your hosted QuickBooks Desktop file and FileMaker client to access your separately hosted FileMaker file. We’ll make the setup easy by uploading your QuickBooks company file and helping you get connected to your own FileMaker files.

Scenario 2: Multiple QuickBooks Users | Not hosting FileMaker with PCI

Best plan: Multiple users (billed annually for costs savings) with QuickBooks Hosting plan.

If you have multiple users connecting to your QuickBooks Desktop file (utilizing multi-user mode) and you are not hosting FileMaker with us, we can host your QuickBooks file in the cloud and get you set up with as many remote desktops as you require - all with access to QuickBooks Desktop and FileMaker client.

Scenario 3: Multiple QuickBooks Users | Hosting FileMaker with PCI

Best plan: QuickBooks and FileMaker Hosting Package

If you are interested in hosting both your QuickBooks file and FileMaker file with us, our package is the right plan for you. We can get your QuickBooks Desktop file hosted on AWS and your FileMaker file hosted on our Advanced Plan with access for one user.

Do you have multiple FileMaker users connecting to your solution via FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect and you need one or two people to connect to a QuickBooks file in the cloud? This plan gives you the perfect blend of options - multiple users for both applications. We provide one QuickBooks remote desktop, but you also have the option to add additional remote desktops for each of your users.

__________|The bottom line|__________

You need to check out our QuickBooks Hosting plans, if:

  1. You want remote access to your QuickBooks Desktop file and/or you want to perform a “cloud” integration between FileMaker and QuickBooks Desktop via the FM Books Connector plug-in.
  2. You want to eliminate the need to perform and store QuickBooks backup files. With our hosting plans, you will have access to daily backups of your data.
  3. You want fast transfer speeds between FileMaker and QuickBooks. When combining FileMaker and QuickBooks hosting services (with our QuickBooks and FileMaker Hosting Package) you will be able to transfer data at maximum speed between the two applications. And saving time is always a good thing.

It is important we mention that none of our QuickBooks Hosting plans include licensing for either application.

In the video below, our CEO, Marc, discusses these buyer scenarios (just QuickBooks Desktop Hosting or our QuickBooks and FileMaker Hosting Package) and explains the best way to structure your remote desktop.