QuickBooks and FileMaker Integration

Looking for a FileMaker Plug-in to connect to a third party application or hardware device?

One of our QuickBooks FileMaker plug-ins may be just right for you! For more than 10 years, we’ve been helping clients achieve more efficient, accurate and streamlined solutions with FileMaker and QuickBooks integrations.

Why Integrate FileMaker and QuickBooks?

Eliminate duplicate data entry between FileMaker and QuickBooks

Push or pull data between FileMaker and QuickBooks applications

Centralize knowledge about customers, vendors and balances

QuickBooks FileMaker Plug-ins

FM Books Connector plug-in for FileMaker and QuickBooks Desktop

FM Books Connector

Connect to QuickBooks Desktop

FM Books Connector Online Edition Plug-in for FileMaker and QuickBooks Online

FM Books Connector Online Edition

Connect to QuickBooks Online

Learn how to integrate FileMaker and QuickBooks Desktop using the FM Books Connector plug-in with Productive Computing University’s new course Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Desktop This six-hour training course is intended for intermediate to advanced FileMaker developers and will step through the process of performing a basic FileMaker QuickBooks integration.

  • Gain Knowledge - integrate your accounting with FileMaker
  • Develop Skills - build a direct connection to QuickBooks
  • Learn Efficiently - fast & effective way to master our plug-in

Host your QuickBooks Desktop file in the cloud with our QuickBooks Hosting plans. Our plans allow you to host your QuickBooks file alongside your FileMaker file - enabling you to integrate FileMaker Pro and QuickBooks Desktop with FM Books Connector in a cloud environment. 

  • Remote Access - use QuickBooks Desktop from anywhere
  • Personalized Workspace - install third-party applications
  • Stress Free - professionally managed servers