What’s new with FileMaker 17 – Part 1

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing (or if you are reading this from the future we’ve already released) a series of videos discussing the new features in FileMaker 17.

Our first five videos are highlighted below for your learning pleasure!

Video 1: FileMaker 17 Add-On Tables

This is a brand new feature in FileMaker 17. This window provides you with a number of predefined tables that includes the appropriate schema, scripts, value lists and more.

However, adding an Add-On table does not necessarily mean it will create a new layout for you.

The Add-On table option gives you the ability to create various types of related data in a portal; and it not only creates the portal, it creates all the schema to make the portal operational.

Just a note: in order to create an Add-On table, you need to have a Primary Key so the table has enough information to function properly.

Video 2: FileMaker 17 Field and Object Tabs and Inspector Window

In this video, we use the Core4 CRM as a sample FileMaker app to demonstrate the changes and new features in the Fields tab, Objects tab and Inspector window.

With FileMaker 17, when you go into layout mode you will notice two new tabs on the left pane of the layout – the Fields tab and then the Objects tab.

The new FileMaker 17 Fields tab has a lot of the same functionality as the FileMaker 16 Field Picker, but with some great enhancements such as the Control Style for new fields and the ability to rename fields directly in the tab.

In the video, we also share a pro-tip for creating custom keyboard shortcuts for FileMaker to open the inspector windows similar to how it did in the previous version of FileMaker.

Video 3: FileMaker 17 Send Email with Multiple Attachments

Let’s take a moment to applaud FileMaker for adding in native support for this feature! For years, the only way users were able to send emails with multiple attachments from FileMaker was via a plug-in (such as our Outlook Manipulator or Exchange Manipulator).

Now, with FileMaker 17, you can send email with multiple attachments from inside FileMaker using either an email client or an SMTP server.

Video 4: FileMaker 17 Master-Detail Layout

In this video, we take a look at the new Master-Detail layout. This new portal tool allows you to create a found set and have the portal represent the records in that found set. We step through the old process of creating this type of portal in FileMaker 16 and compare it to the new process in FileMaker 17 to demonstrate how much easier it is now.

Video 5: FileMaker 17 Group Object Selection

This is our last video in this series covering the new features in FileMaker Pro Advanced (last, but not least).

This new feature allows you to edit individual items inside of a group simply by double-clicking on the object. You no longer have to ungroup items to make minor edits and then remember to regroup them after you are done editing.

We also share a pro tip on how you can use the new Objects window to quickly select any item within a group.

This blog is part one of a multipart series - make sure you check out our other blogs for more content highlighting the new features in FileMaker 17.

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