FM Books Connector plug-in for FileMaker and QuickBooks Desktop integrations

FM Books Connector Plug-in for FileMaker

With a FileMaker and QuickBooks integration, you can save time by eliminating double entry, improving data accuracy and giving your users access important QuickBooks related information in FileMaker.

FM Books Connector



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By making a connection between FileMaker and QuickBooks, you can use data in FileMaker to automate the creation of invoices in QuickBooks, adjust inventory, create a PO, update a customer, apply a payment or even pull a report.  With this plug-in and our QuickBooks Desktop hosting plans the possibilities for integration between these two great programs are virtually endless.

If you are using the QuickBooks Online with Windows or Mac, have a look at the FM Books Connector Online plug-in.

Key Features

Easily push or pull information between FileMaker and QuickBooks

Eliminate double entry between FileMaker and QuickBooks

Centralize knowledge about customers, inventory and payments

Ensure employees have secure access to data anywhere on any device

Build a simple or robust integration with access to almost all QuickBooks modules

Give your staff quick access to customer payment and balance information in FileMaker

Download our Plug-in Demo

Try our fully functional demo file for up to 30 days. Please note the demo will expire 2 hours from opening your FileMaker application. To reset the demo, close and reopen your FileMaker application.

Need help getting started?

Visit our Help Center for a full list of FAQs and product documentation, submit a question on our PCI FM Forums page, or view videos on our YouTube channel

Learn how to integrate FileMaker and QuickBooks Desktop using the FM Books Connector plug-in with Productive Computing University’s new course Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Desktop. We have designed a six-hour training course to teach you how to install, configure and develop robust solutions. With this course, you will learn the skills necessary to build a direct connection between FileMaker to QuickBooks.

Benefits of a FileMaker and QuickBooks Integration

A FileMaker and QuickBooks integration can increase your team's productivity and efficiency in 4 easy ways:

  1. Eliminate duplicate data entry between systems
  2. Give your staff information on customers, items, inventory, invoices and payments - while protecting your QuickBooks file
  3. Implement a process that works with your existing workflow
  4. Give secure access to data anytime and on any device - iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web

BLOG: Understanding FileMaker and QuickBooks Integrations

Learn the benefits of using FileMaker with QuickBooks and review examples on how you can improve workflows in your business when you integrate the two applications.

BLOG: Five Foundational Skills Needed to Effectively Integrate FileMaker and QuickBooks

Learn what FileMaker development skills you will need in order to get started with and complete an integration.

System Requirements

FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 17 - 18 (32-bit & 64-bit) and FileMaker Pro 19 (64-bit) for Windows

QuickBooks® Desktop Applications:

  • US versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier/Accountant, Enterprise 2018 - 2020
  • UK and Canadian versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier/Accountant, Enterprise 2018 - 2020 

Windows® 8/10

This plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker Pro 19 (64-bit) and FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 17 - 18 (32-bit and 64-bit) for Windows 8/10. The plug-in may work with earlier versions of FileMaker or operating systems, however, these are no longer supported. 

The plug-in bit version that you use depends upon the FileMaker Pro bit version you have installed.  FileMaker and the plug-in need to be running in the same bit version. Note: 32-bit applications and 32-bit plug-ins will work on a 64-bit operating system. As of FileMaker 19, all plug-ins need to be 64-bit.  

NOTE: QuickBooks Desktop is a 32-bit application. However, with the 64-bit version of FM Books Connector we provide a supplementary component called the QB Bridge to ensure the plug-in will communicate properly with QuickBooks. The FM Books Connector 64-bit installer will automatically install the component during the installation process. 

Version History

  • Version: | Release Date: 7/27/2020 | Platform: Win
    • Miscellaneous update to demo file
  • Version: | Release Date: 6/5/2020 | Platform: Win
    • There is a new URL for the Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Onscreen Reference for Intuit Software Development Kits (also referred to as the OSR). The QuickBooks Desktop API (OSR), is referential documentation that developers can use to know what fields, objects, elements, and formats are acceptable to QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Updated the QuickBooks OSR reference link in Demo file
    • Updated the QuickBooks OSR reference link in the Developer's Guide
    • Updated the QuickBooks OSR reference link in the Functions Guide
    • Updated installer settings to resolve an issue where custom install paths were not fully supported
  • Version: | Release Date: 5/20/2020 | Platform: Win
    • This plug-in is  verified  compatible with FileMaker Pro 19 (64-bit) and FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 17 - 18 (32-bit & 64-bit) 
    • Miscellaneous improvements 
    • Updated Mac Template 
    • Updated Demo file 
    • Download Version 12 Mac Template
  • Version: | Release Date: 1/15/2020 | Platform: Win
      • Resolved an issue with PCQB_AddFieldWithValue where some unicode characters were not being escaped correctly
  • Version: | Release Date: 11/21/2019 | Platform: Win
    • Resolved issue where PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue would not properly escape special characters when using a "string"-type field value
  • Version: | Release Date: 09/16/2019 | Platform: Win
    • Added compatibility for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise US editions
    • Updated Demo file
    • Updated Mac Template
  • Version: | Release Date: 05/22/2019 | Platform: Win
    • This plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 16 - 18 (32-bit & 64-bit)
    • This plug-in and its installer is now code-signed, introducing an extra level of security that ensures the plug-in package is not compromised in any way
    • Consolidated the different regional demo files into one. The demo file supports QuickBooks Desktop US, UK and CA (Canadian)
    • Download Version 11
    • Download Version 11 Mac Template
  • Version: | Release Date: 9/17/2018 | PlatformWin
    • Confirmed compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2019 US, UK, and Canadian Editions
    • Removed obsolete function PCQB_ZResetQBOE from the functions list
    • Resolved version mismatch in the Get(InstalledFMPlugins) function
    • Updated Developer's Guide
    • Updated Mac template
  • Version: | Release Date: 7/31/2018 | PlatformWin
    • Added new batch handling for processing numerous requests and responses, including four new functions: PCQB_RqAddRequestToBatch, PCQB_RsOpenFirstBatchRecord, PCQB_RsOpenNextBatchRecord, and PCQB_SClearBatchQueue
    • Updated Mac Template
    • Updated Developer's Guide
    • Updated Functions Guide
    • Updated Demo file
  • Version: | Release Date: 6/14/2018 | PlatformWin
    • Resolved an issue where using PCQB_RsUseXML to load an XML document while not in an active QuickBooks session would return a warning log if logging is enabled.
    • Added extra handling to PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue to properly handle a date or timestamp field value that has already been formatted to QuickBooks standards.
    • Resolved an issue where the plug-in splash screen does not accurately report how long the demo registration has left.
    • Confirmed compatibility with QuickBooks 2018 Canadian and UK editions
    • Download Version 10
    • Download Version 10 Mac Template
  • Version: | Release Date5/15/2018 | PlatformWin
    • This plug-in is confirmed compatible with FileMaker Pro 15 - 17 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Version: | Release Date10/03/2017 | PlatformWin
    • Resolved an issue with the QB Bridge where paginating over a large set of records or a long period of time would cause the session to reset itself and stop paginating prematurely
  • Version: | Release Date10/03/2017 | PlatformWin
    • Resolved an issue with the QB Bridge where paginating over a large set of records or a long period of time would cause the session to reset itself and stop paginating prematurely
  • Version: | Release Date09/18/2017 | PlatformWin
    •  This plug-in is confirmed compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise US editions
  • Version: | Release Date09/18/2017 | PlatformWin
    • Resolved an issue in the 64-bit version where the QB Bridge would lose its session after 2 minutes of inactivity or during a large volume of requests. This fix requires a reinstallation of the FM Books Connector; please use the setup.exe installer package to reinstall all components of the plug-in
  • Version: | Release Date05/09/2017 | PlatformWin
    • This plug-in is confirmed compatible with FileMaker® Pro 14 - 16 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Added FileMaker 16 script step functionality
    • Updated Developer's Guide
  • Version: | Release Date04/13/2017 | PlatformWin
    • Updated Developer's Guide
    • Updated the handling of a large QuickBooks result set in the 32-bit plug-in to prevent a crash condition when working through the response records
  • Version: | Release Date11/03/2016 | PlatformWin
    • Resolved an issue in the FM QB Bridge that prevented connection to older versions of QuickBooks. This issue only affects the 64-bit version of the FM Books Connector plug-in
  • Version: | Release Date11/01/2016 | PlatformWin
    • Implemented fix in the 32-bit version of the plug-in to fully resolve the "Server threw an exception" error. This may require a reset of the QuickBooks Integrated Applications certificate
    • As of the 32-bit version will not require the FM QB Bridge. The 32-bit plug-in uses QBXML request processor (RP2) conduit
    • 64-bit version is unchanged from version
  • Version: | Release Date10/28/2016 | PlatformWin
    • Confirmed compatibility with QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Canadian and UK editions
    • Added extensive logging functionality to the plug-in. This is an advanced feature. Please refer to the Functions Guide for details on the new logging functions and how to use them
    • Enhanced internal error capture and exception handling to resolve issues with FileMaker freezing and crashing when communicating with the FM QB Bridge
    • Partially resolved an issue with receiving a "server threw an exception" error from the QB Bridge when executing requests or connecting/disconnecting sessions. This issue is still under investigation. Please reference the Known Issues section in the developer's guide for more information
  • Version: | Release Date09/22/2016 | PlatformWin
    • Added compatibility for QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise US editions
    • Added compatibility for FileMaker 64-bit
    • Created MSI installer package for Windows
    • Updated Developer's Guide
    • Updated Demo file
    • This plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker® Pro 13-15 for Windows (32-bit) and FileMaker Pro 14-15 (64-bit)
  • Version: | Release Date05/10/2016 | PlatformWin
    • This plug-in is verified compatible with FileMaker® Pro 13-15 for Windows (32-bit)
    • Download version 8
  • Version: | Release Date01/26/2016 | PlatformWin
    • This plug-in is guaranteed compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2016 Pro, Premier and Enterprise CA and UK editions
  • Version: | Release Date11/13/2015 | PlatformWin
    • Resolved issue in which certain request types were not fully defined in newer versions of the QBXML SDK
  • Version: | Release Date09/24/2015 | PlatformWin
    • Updated demo file
    • Added support for QuickBooks 2016 Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise US editions
  • Version: | Release Date09/24/2015 | PlatformWin
    • Resolved issue with InventoryAdjustmentMod request not being considered a valid XML request
    • This plug-in is confirmed compatible with Windows 7-10
  • Version: | Release Date05/28/2015 | PlatformWin
    • FileMaker 14 32-bit compatible. Intuit's QuickBooks is a 32-bit application. FM Books Connector requires FileMaker 10-14 (32-bit) and QuickBooks (32-bit) but will function on a 64-bit Windows operating system
  • Version: | Release Date10/13/2014 | PlatformWin
    • Added support for QuickBooks Desktop 2015 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise US editions
    • Added support for QuickBooks Desktop 2015 UK and Canadian editions
    • Added support for Reckon Accounts 2014 (Australia)
    • Updated to resolve errors received when calling PCQB_ZParseXML
  • Version: | Release Date06/27/2014 | PlatformWin
    • Resolved underlying issue where Server Busy messages were being generated when executing a request that was exceedingly time-consuming
    • Updated developer guide
  • Version: | Release Date03/27/2014 | PlatformWin
    • Deprecated connectivity to QuickBooks Online via QBXML
    • Updated demo files
    • Updated developer and functions guides
    • FM Books Connector is verified compatible with FileMaker Pro 10-13 and may work with earlier versions of FileMaker Pro
    • FM Books Connector is verified compatible with Windows 7/8 and may work with Windows XP/Vista
  • Version: | Release Date02/26/2014 | PlatformWin
    • Resolved an issue with receiving a "Server Busy" error box when executing a request
  • Version: | Release Date01/20/2014 | PlatformWin
    • Added support for FileMaker Pro 13. Please review page 31 of the Developer's Guide for specific information on this version for FileMaker 13 compatibility.
    • Updated Developer's Guide
    • Miscellaneous minor updates to demo files
  • Version: | Release Date12/06/2013 | PlatformWin
    • Implemented the QuickBooks 2014 QBXML SDK
    • Added support for QuickBooks 2014 UK and Canadian versions
    • Updated demo files for support of UK and CA QuickBooks files/tax codes
    • Updated Developer's Guide
  • Version: | Release Date10/11/2013 | PlatformWin
    • Added support for QuickBooks 2014 Pro, Premier, and Enterprise US editions
  • Version: | Release Date09/11/2013 | PlatformWin
    • Internal code updated to use FileMaker 12 SDK
  • Version: | Release Date08/29/2013 | PlatformWin
    • Updated OSR link in demo files, Developer's Guide, and Functions Guide
  • Version: | Release Date04/22/2013 | PlatformWin
    • Added support for Microsoft® Windows 8
    • Added error trapping for "RqExecute" script
    • Updated "Refresh Item List" script in demo files
    • Updated Developer's Guide
  • Version: | Release Date01/08/2013 | PlatformWin
    • Resolved pathing issue to XSD files for validation
    • Updated plug-in scripts for error trapping
    • Updated Developer's Guide
    • Updated Functions Guide
  • Version: | Release Date11/29/2012 | PlatformWin
    • Set validation attribute to "true" by default - validates XML when executing requests.
    • Updated Developer's Guide.
    • Updated Functions Guide.
    • FileMaker 12v3 added a third area for extensions. Updated the plug-in to accommodate all three locations. Paths are:
      Win7 - C:UsersAppDataLocalFileMakerFileMaker Pro [Advanced]12.0Extensions
      WinXP - C:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsApplication DataFileMakerFileMaker Pro [Advanced]12.0Extensions
  • Version: | Release Date10/31/2012 | PlatformWin
    • Registration System 2 Plug-in release
    • Updated demo lockout from 30 minutes to 2 hours
    • Updated Registration URL to ""
    • Added support for QuickBooks 2013 US, UK, Canadian, and Australian Editions.
    • Added support for QuickBooks Online Edition.
    • Set validation attribute "false" by default - does not validate XML against XSD files when executing requests.
    • Updated script for invoice pushing.
  • Version: | Release Date11/15/2011 | PlatformWin
    • Added support for QuickBooks 2012 Canadian version.
  • Version: | Release Date10/27/2011 | PlatformWin
    • Added support for SDK 11 and QuickBooks 2012 for US, UK and Australian editions
    • Updated registration process and added new splash screen
    • MetaDataOnly query using the PCQB_RqExecute command now properly returns 0 instead of End
  • Version: | Release Date05/13/2011 | PlatformWin
    • Full support for QuickBooks Online Edition
    • Added new PCQB_GetCurrentQBVersion function
    • Confirmed support for high ASCII characters particularly smart quotes
    • Fixed issue where RqExecute would return "End" when successfully processing a "TxnDisplayMod" request. The executed request now properly returns "0" for success instead of "END."
    • All null values are now interpreted as !!ERROR!! including if QuickBooks returns two tags and nothing in between
    • New demo files (one for use with QuickBooks Desktop edition and one for use with QuickBooks Online edition)
  • Version: | Release Date11/01/2010 | PlatformWin
    • Added support for SDK 10 and QuickBooks 2011
    • Officially only support QuickBooks versions 2006 or later
  • Version: | Release Date11/01/2010 | PlatformWin
    • Fixed issue where PCQB_EndSession function is not releasing the connection to QuickBooks
  • Version: | Release Date01/22/2010 | PlatformWin
    • Added support for QuickBooks Simple Start Editions
  • Version: | Release Date01/22/2010 | PlatformWin
    • The PCQB_ZValidateXML function is now fixed to return "!!ERROR!!" when the XML is malformed.
    • Added third optional parameter of (optWellFormedOnly) to the PCQB_ZValidateXML function. The default value is False. Set it to true if you want to only test if the xml passed to the function is well formed, leave it empty or set to False if you want full validation against the QBXML templates.
  • Version: | Release Date10/30/2009 | PlatformWin
    • PCQB_FormatString reverted to previous style. String formats in QB do not adhere to documented format in SDK8
  • Version: | Release Date10/29/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Added support for SDK 8 and QuickBooks 2010
    • Added Key/Mouse hooks
    • Change PCQB_ZParse function to omit n character.
    • Must use QBXMLRP2 for future versions of QB
    • Repaired PCQB_RsUseXML to properly load XML
    • Major version set to v2
    • Added new splash screen with new logo
  • Version: | Release Date10/29/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Support for QuickBooks Online edition
  • Version: | Release Date08/21/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Corrected registration issue where the plug-in was expiring in 30 days for all users
  • Version: | Release Date07/16/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Fixed crashing condition when adding an empty field to a request
  • Version: | Release Date07/09/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Fixed bugs in PCQB_ZExecute , PCQB_SFormatString , PCQB_GetOperatingMode
    • PCQB_ZExecute now returns "!!ERROR!!" if the execution of the XML fails
    • PCQB_SFormatString now returns an empty string for empty values passed into the function as the first parameter
    • Added "EXPIRED" value to PCQB_GetOperatingMode. "EXPIRED" value will be returned if the 30 minute or 30 day demo trial period has timed out
  • Version: | Release Date06/19/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Corrected Connection Errors with QBs 2006 UK edition as plug-in would attempt to create a new connection when a connection was already established
  • Version: | Release Date06/05/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Repaired bugs in PCQB_Zxxx functions. (inaccurately returning XML from Queries)
    • Temporarily removed support for QBOE until QBOE is fully supported
    • Fixed bug with calling PCQB_BeginSession when QBs file is closed
  • Version: | Release Date04/03/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Fixed bug in PCQB_BeginSession. Would return Error even if a valid file name was passed the function and QB was not running
  • Version: | Release Date04/03/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Remove bug when beginning a session without a file name
    • Remove bug in Australian Versions when creating invalid header path
    • Remedy 'Unable to locate XML errors'
    • Changed XML returned by all functions such that it is viewable in DataViewer
    • Activated last parameter in Zquery function
  • Version: | Release Date: 03/06/2009 | PlatformWin
    • RsOpenNextRelatedRecord now opens the next related record if and only if it is the same type of record as the current record
    • Added error trapping to filtering functions to indicate that the filter failed
    • Added STRTYPE to SFormatString
    • New logo added to all documentation and demo
  • Version: | Release Date03/06/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Fixed RsUseXML to properly load xml into parser. This function properly loads QBXML according to the type of session established (POS or Desktop). The XML is loaded and parsed as if it were acquired via the PCQB_RqExecute function. Root nodes of QBXML/QBXMLMsgsRs or QBPOSXML/QBPOSXMLMsgsRs are added to the XML parameter if they do not exist. Note that the function requires a session with QuickBooks that is initiated by either a PCQB_BeginSession, PCQB_ZQuery or PCQB_ZModify function call. On success the loaded XML is available to other PCQB_Rsxxxx function calls
    • Added "text" "time" "date" and "interval" for reverse formatting (QB to FileMaker)
    • Removed trailing carriage return from values returned by PCQB_SGetXML function
    • PCQB_SFormatString funtion takes additional values as the second parameter. These values "text", "time", "date", and "interval" convert the first parameter FROM QuickBooks format to FileMaker format instead of converting from FileMaker to QuickBooks format
  • Version: | Release Date03/06/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Repaired MSXML6 references
    • Updated Documentation
  • Version: | Release Date01/27/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Changed location of PCI registration file for support with FileMaker 10.
      PCI files are now stored in a subfolder of the local application data folder. Symbolic path is %APPDATA_LOCAL%/PCINC/productName/productVersion
    • Updated Installation and Registration document
    • Changed location of the XSD files for support with FileMaker 10 to the local application data folder. The symbolic path is
  • Version: | Release Date01/15/2009 | PlatformWin
    • Fixed error with optHideWindow parameter in PCQB_BeginSession and PCQB_RqExecute
    • Compatible with FileMaker 10
  • Version: | Release Date12/12/2008 | PlatformWin
    • Modified so that OwnerID and IncludeRetElement are not added to end of request. They are instead kept in the position in which they are added. (DataExtMod requests were failing )
  • Version: | Release Date11/04/2008 | PlatformWin
    • Compatibility to use the same type XML pass through commands as FileBooks Link
    • Support for QuickBooks 2009 versions
    • Enhanced FileMaker demo file to be compatible with international versions of QuickBooks (Canadian, UK and Australian)
    • Single plug-in to support for QuickBooks international versions (Canadian, UK and Australian) 2004-2009 
    • New Function Calls Include:
      • PCQB_ZParseXML Loads an XML document into memory and applies the XPath query to the document.
      • PCQB_RqExecute Allows for a filter string to filter results, and a path string to save the results
      • PCQB_RqAddFiledWithValue Automatically formats most input values to values expected by QuickBooks 
      •  PCQB_RqUseXML Allows for path to XML file as input or direct XML as input
      • PCQB_RsUseXML Allows user to load an XMK document into the parser
      • PCQB_SFormatString Returns the input string formatted to the desired QB format
  • Version: | Release Date10/22/2008 | PlatformWin
    • Registration changes:
      • Creates certificate with only 2 version numbers
      • Supports extra parameter in LicenseID ( licenseID "|"
      • Removed 30 minute timeout
  • Version: | Release Date10/21/2008 | PlatformWin
    • Bugs Fixes:
      • fixed the index of the first record to properly increment on the first call to PCQB_RsOpenFirstRecord.
      • PCQB_SGetXML now returning the proper value
      • now returns the full document if the user hasn't specified a filter otherwise it returns the filtered response
      • xnDisplayAdd/Mod now returns proper value
    • Modifications:
      • Build to support QBSDK 8
      • Includes support for International (UK, Canadian and Australian) versions
      • Added ability to pass a text value with the PCxx_Register function. This is to enable 123 Sync the ability to pass a QB File name when registering the plug-in. The proper format is license_ID & "|" & textString for example PCQB_Register( "PCIFMBC|My QuickBooks File.QBW" ; "80" ; .... )
    • Added functionality:
      • PCQB_ZParseXML - loads an XML document into memory and applies the XPath query to the document.
  • Version: | Release Date10/08/2008 | PlatformWin
    • QuickBooks 2009 compatibility
    • Modified Demo file set up page
  • Version: | Release Date10/08/2008 | PlatformWin
    • Roll back QBXMLRP usage to version 5.0 (QBXMLRP.DLL ) to support Canadian versions
  • Version: | Release Date10/08/2008 | PlatformWin
    • Add extra functions and parameters for working with stored XML files.
    • PCQB_RqExecute allows for a filter string to filter results, and a path string to save the results
    • PCQB_RqAddFiledWithValue Automatically formats most input values to values expected by QuickBooks
    • PCQB_RqUseXML allows for path to XML file as input or direct XML as input
    • PCQB_RsUseXML allows user to load an XMK document into the parser
    • PCQB_SFormatString returns the input string formatted to the desired QB format.
  • Version: | Release Date09/02/2008 | PlatformWin
    • Extended plug-in demo to a 30 day period
    • Demo now has the ability to push an invoice with or without a class
    • Updated Demo logo and several minor cosmetic Demo updates
  • Version: | Release Date09/02/2008 | PlatformWin
    • Added:
      new - PCQB_RsUseXML
      new = PcQB_SFormatString
      updated = PCQB_RqUseXML - takes parameters indicating input is a file, and a XPath string
      updated = PCQB_RqExecute - new file path to write response to, XPath to filter results
      updated PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue
      updated PCQB_SGetXML
  • Version: | Release Date09/02/2008 | PlatformWin
    • Minor change in the registration process. Swapped setting creation date/time on PCI certificate
  • Version: | Release Date12/01/2007 | PlatformWin
    • Changed the demo to reflect instead of
    • Removed bug causing the FM Application window to resize

Additional Information

Please Note:

This fully functional demo file is usable for 30 days. However, the demo will expire 2 hours from opening your FileMaker application. To reset please close and reopen your FileMaker application.

Mac Template Download and Details:

The FM Books Connector Mac Template is for development purposes only. For full functionality to communicate directly with QuickBooks for Windows the full version of the FM Books Connector plug-in is required. Unfortunately, communication of any kind to the Macintosh version of QuickBooks is not available since Intuit does not have a Mac compatible Software Development Kit (SDK). 
Download Mac Template

Integration Details:

Successful integration of FileMaker plug-ins requires the creation of integration scripts within your FileMaker solution. Intermediate to advanced experience with FileMaker Pro, especially in the areas of scripting and calculations, is necessary to integrate this plug-in. After review of our overview videos, sample scripts and documentation you find you need assistance please contact us or fill out a Request For Quote.

Ready to get started now - try Core CRM Pro! Core CRM Pro comes pre-configured with 30-day trial versions of the FM Books Connector or FM Books Connector Online plug-ins and is designed to integrate with your existing QuickBooks company file (Desktop or Online). Core CRM Pro allows you to pull your existing QuickBooks contacts and items in order to set up your file, as well as continually push customer and invoices and pull payment balances.

Have your own solution but need to integrate with QuickBooks Online (Windows or Mac), please see the FM Books Connector Online plug-in.