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Custom Development, CRM Solutions, FileMaker Plug-ins, Software and Hosting


Start working more efficiently today.
We offer pre-built FileMaker CRM solutions and a wide range of FileMaker plug-ins that provide a starting point for your project or expand the functionality of your solution. 


When you need small changes to an existing FileMaker app, want to add on a new module, link to another application, scripting assistance, or have day-to-day support needs.


Host your FileMaker solution. We offer shared and dedicated FileMaker hosting plans to ensure your team has secure access to important client data via Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and the web.

With over 20 years of FileMaker development, problem-solving, and business experience
we are here to be your partner in all things FileMaker.  Our clients range from developers to end-users with companies of all sizes using our plug-ins, solutions, and hosting services.

Certified FileMaker Development

Since 1996, our team here at Productive Computing has been helping our customers become more efficient and profitable by utilizing Claris's dynamic FileMaker platform.

FileMaker is a dual platform application and can be run on a Mac or Windows desktop, via the web and on iOS devices.

We offer a range of plug-in and solutions, custom development services and shared and dedicated hosting plans. As FileMaker and QuickBooks resellers, we can also offer our clients unique discounts on licensing.

As a Claris Platinum Partner and Premier Intuit Reseller, we work hard every day to deliver outstanding service and products to our customers.

FBA Partner of the Year

Each year, FileMaker, Inc. recognizes a FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) partner who has demonstrated an impressive level of professionalism and creativity in using FileMaker software to deliver excellent solutions to their customers.

The winner is chosen from over 1200 FBA members worldwide who are FileMaker consultants, solution providers, plug-in developers, trainers and hosting companies and is considered the highest award in the FileMaker development community.

The 2010 award was presented to Productive Computing at the FileMaker Business Alliance awards dinner held during the annual FileMaker Developer's Conference.

Productive Computing University offers comprehensive training courses
designed to help developers learn advanced FileMaker techniques,
integrate their FileMaker solutions with our products, and prepare for FileMaker Certification.

Learn new skills with our professional and flexible online FileMaker training courses.

University Bundle

Gain access to all courses with the PCU bundle

Mastering FileMaker Server

Learn to install, configure, and secure FileMaker server

Claris Connect Fundamentals

Learn to easily connect FileMaker to third party apps

Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Desktop

Learn how to get integrate with QuickBooks Desktop

API Fundamentals for FileMaker Developers

Learn the world of APIs starting from scratch

Connect FileMaker to Mailchimp API

Manage your Mailchimp audience and reports in FileMaker

Connect FileMaker to Outlook

Integrate FileMaker with Microsoft 365, Exchange, or Outlook

FileMaker/AWS Development Environment

Create a Dev Environment using an AWS/EC2 instance

FM Data Migration Assistant

Quickly migrate FileMaker data - FREE course & app

FileMaker Features & Free Resources

Tips, tricks, and overview of each version - FREE course & apps

FileMaker Certifcation Sample Questions

Practice for the FileMaker Certification exam

FileMaker Certifcation Preparation

Prepare for the FileMaker Certification exam

Connect FileMaker to Twilio

Successfully send SMS and MMS messages with FileMaker

Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Online

Learn to connect to QBO using Windows/Mac/Server

BaseElements Mastery

Analyze your FileMaker apps with this developer tool.

Connect FileMaker to Stripe API

Learn to process payments and reports with Stripe

Connect FileMaker to Google

Integrate FileMaker with Gmail, calendar, contacts and more.

FileMaker Server External Authentication

Utilize OAuth and Active Directory with FileMaker Server

FileMaker Charting and Beyond

Learn about FileMaker charts and using Tableau

FM Server Manager

Automate FileMaker Server routines - FREE course & app

Winner of the Claris Engage Excellence Award 2020

Thank you to Claris, our students, and viewers! We are honored to receive the Claris Excellence Award at Claris Engage 2020.

Over the years, we have gained a lot of FileMaker development, tips, techniques, and advanced knowledge about the platform. We created Productive Computing University and expanded our YouTube channel to share this advanced knowledge with the other FileMaker developers and users. We also wanted to build courses to help developers learn about API integration and prep for FileMaker Certification. We truly appreciate all the support we have received from the FileMaker community and want to thank Claris, our customers, viewers, and students!

Claris Excellence Award 2020

What our customers are saying

Custom FileMaker Development

"Your team did an outstanding job on the project and I was very impressed with their creative solution. The quality of your staff is excellent and they have been extremely helpful and supportive."

FileMaker Hosting

“I really appreciate being able to download the database every day.  I am a great believer in "off-site" regular backups, and this gives me the ability to do so daily.  I have had excellent support hosting with you.  No downtime, and no issues.  A satisfied customer!”

FileMaker Plug-ins

"I've been developing FileMaker solutions full time for the past 8 years and have
never been as pleased with a product as with FM Books Connector!"

FileMaker Custom Development

“It was a great experience. Hopefully, we can take the time to figure out if there are other ways the program can help us expedite our lives. Again, a big thank you for everything you all did for us.  It was really a great experience. You guys are terrific.”

FileMaker Hosting

"Good job on pinpointing the issue we were having. You rose to the challenge and provided amazing tech support. Everything now works amazing..."

Product Support

"Thank you... I'm amazed at how fast and efficient you are. I've never had such good product support anywhere!"


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