FileMaker Hosting

Shared and Dedicated FileMaker hosting plans ensure your team
has secure access to FileMaker via Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone and Web

Essential Users

Easily connect all employees to your
FileMaker application from 
anywhere - the office, at home
or on the road.


Quickly host your client's FileMaker files using reliable and secure servers optimized for FileMaker development, testing and live environments.

Vertical Markets

Confidently sell your FileMaker solution knowing your dedicated server is monitored 24/7 and FileMaker Server software is up-to-date.

What makes more sense than having certified FileMaker experts provide
FileMaker Pro database hosting? We are your outsourced server team!

Which FileMaker Hosting plan do you need?

When it comes to hosting your FileMaker solution, there are many options available and you may not know where to start.

If you're trying to decide between Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting or a BYO Cloud service here are several key questions to consider: 

How many FileMaker files do you need to host?

How large are your FileMaker files?

How many users need to access your files?

Do you plan to use FileMaker Go or WebDirect?

What type of FileMaker license are you using?

What version of FileMaker Pro are you using for your solution?

Do you need to host QuickBooks Desktop files with FileMaker?

Dedicated FileMaker Hosting

Our dedicated hosting plans allow users to host their FileMaker solutions in a secure environment taking advantage of the benefits of FileMaker Server. Let our staff handle the monitoring and maintenance of the server for you.

Dedicated hosting is perfect if your solution is using FileMaker 15 - 17 and you plan to have multiple remote users. A dedicated server gives you more room for your data and the ability to upload multiple files.

Server disk space from 60 GB - 250 GB (custom quotes available)

FileMaker Server 15 - 17 dedicated servers

Supports FileMaker Pro versions 13.09 or higher

Bring your FileMaker license or purchase through PCI at a discount

FileMaker Dedicated Hosting by Productive Computing
FileMaker and QuickBooks Hosting Plans from Productive Computing

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Our QuickBooks Desktop Hosting plans allow you to enjoy a traditional desktop experience with all the benefits of the cloud.

QuickBooks hosting is the ideal option for users who want to have their QuickBooks file in the cloud and would like to integrate FileMaker with QuickBooks Desktop. As an authorized standard host for QuickBooks software, we're committed to offering our clients high-quality servers and excellent customer support.

Access your QuickBooks file from anywhere

Install third-party software on your remote desktop

Conveniently host your QuickBooks and FileMaker files

Secure your data with professionally managed backup schedules

Shared FileMaker Hosting

Our shared hosting plans offer users an option to host smaller or legacy FileMaker solutions in a secure environment. Utilizing the latest technologies and the strictest practices ensures your data is safe and secure.

Shared hosting is the most economical option available on the market and is a great option for hosting smaller files with few users. If your solution is running an old version of FileMaker, this may be a good choice for you.

Host up to 5 FileMaker files from 1 GB - 5 GB

FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect or IWP connections available

Offering shared servers for FileMaker Server 11 - 14

Supports FileMaker Pro versions 7 - 14

FileMaker Shared Hosting Plans by Productive Computing
FileMaker Cloud BYO Cloud Hosting Services on AWS

FileMaker BYO Cloud Hosting

Our BYO Cloud Setup and Consultation plan covers the initial setup of your FileMaker Cloud server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our Managed Service plan includes all labor associated with maintaining your server.

If you want to use FileMaker Cloud, but need a little help getting started with the process consider our BYO Cloud service. We will train you on the AWS system and server setup. Let our team help get you started on FileMaker Cloud.

Amazon (AWS) Certified Engineer offers training and expertise

Help you determine the instance type and disk space needs

Handle the installation of your SSL certificate

Provide you with best practices for optimal performance

FileMaker 17 Certified Developers
FileMaker 16 Certified Developers
Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect
FileMaker 15 Certified Developers
FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Members
Authorized QuickBooks Hosting Partner
FileMaker 14 Certified Developers
Intuit Advanced Reseller
FileMaker 13 Certified Developers