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  • FileMaker SSL Certificate Installation

  • Security Audit Report & Consultation

  • Deep Dive System Health Assessment

  • FileMaker Server Installation

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Do you know how secure your FileMaker Server or solution are? Did you know you need a separate SSL for FileMaker, not just for your website?​ We check for potential security gaps in your FileMaker data, user accounts, and FileMaker Server configuration.


If you have an old “legacy” solution that’s not running like it used to, you are experiencing poor performance or frequent crashes then it’s time your FileMaker solution got a “physical.“​ We will determine how healthy it is and provide recommendations for improvements.​

Data Security & Stability

The data in your FileMaker solution is vital for you to provide consistent, accurate, and personal service to your customers.​

When that data is lost, damaged, or stolen that can be devasting to your business and reputation.  Our team of certified FileMaker developers has the expertise to make sure you and your data are protected.


Choose a package to better understand the security and stability
of your FileMaker solution

FileMaker SSL Certificate Installation


The FileMaker SSL certificate is the first
line of defense. Installed on your
FileMaker Server this certificate helps ensure that no one can "listen in on the line" while you are passing valuable data to and from your users.

Installation & validation of SSL

Exterior access to network required​

Annual renewal & update on your server

Security Audit Report & Consultation


Get peace of mind by knowing your
important data is safe from hackers,
user access to sensitive data is controlled,
user roles are assigned correctly, and
your FileMaker Server and backups
are set up properly.

Review of company structure & positions

Server inspection

Full report with recommendations​

FileMaker Solution
Health Assessment


Like going to the doctor for an annual physical or taking our car in for its tune-up, your FileMaker solution could benefit from our full health assessment. It's important to know that the solution running your business is secure and stable.

Solution assessment

Server inspection

Full report with recommendations​

FileMaker Server Installation


Many IT consultants do not know about the FileMaker platform, how to install FileMaker Server, or how to configure the settings for optimal performance. If not set up properly, it can be problematic for the security and stability of your solution. Having our experienced team complete a FileMaker Server installation ensures that your FileMaker solution is in the best environment, is properly set up to run optimally, and has a reliable backup plan.

Inspection of your server - OS, connections, hardware, and security

Review server-side scripts, PHP files, and check for FileMaker Server version

FileMaker Server installation & setup

Configure your backup schedule

SSL installation package & annual update

Check network & FileMaker connections

Add Encryption at REST

FileMaker Server Installation

Are you looking to customize your FileMaker app by expanding the features or functionality? Our team of certified FileMaker developers can update your existing system, create an entirely new FileMaker app, or assist with the technical installations of FileMaker Server.

No project is too big or too small, we'll assist you with everything from simple consulting to in-depth integrations and complete FileMaker solution redesigns. Give us a call at 760-510-1200 and let us know how we can help!