FileMaker Plug-ins and macOS Mojave Compatibility


macOS Mojave was just dropped and for those who are early adaptors, all of our Mac plug-ins have been updated for compatibility with macOS 10.14. If you have upgraded to macOS Mojave, check out the latest version of your FileMaker plug-in.

FM Books Connector Online Edition v Available for client or server-side deployment. Connects FileMaker with QuickBooks Online.

gManipulator v Connect FileMaker to Google, Gmail, or G Suite. Exchange data with mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks.

Address Book Manipulator v Connect FileMaker to Apple Contacts and easily exchange data between the programs.

iCal Manipulator v Directly connects FileMaker with Apple Calendar. Supports multiple calendars, recurring events, and tasks.

FM Credit Card v Available for client and server-side deployments. Connects FileMaker to your preferred merchant services provider.

PDF Manipulator DC v Create a searchable document management system and process forms faster by extracting and inserting data between PDF form fields and FileMaker.

File Manipulator v Copy, move, rename, or delete files and folders directly from your FileMaker solution. Zip/unzip and encrypt/decrypt file data with password protection.

Change Printer v Automatically change printers, set optional printing attributes, and easily switch between various types of printers/drivers.

For additional information on product functionality, updates, and integration details, please visit our website.