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Claris Platform

Claris Platform Bundle

The Claris FileMaker platform is a unified, hybrid platform to build apps, integrate data, and automate workflows.

Purchase the platform bundle and gain access to Claris FileMaker Pro, Claris FileMaker Go, Claris FileMaker WebDirect, Claris Studio, Claris Connect, and Data API.

Gain greater visibility across your entire business with the Claris Platform Bundle.

Claris FileMaker

Claris FileMaker Pro

The familiar FileMaker experience, built to seamlessly integrate with Claris Studio. Create apps, securely host them on premise, and access your data on a computer, mobile device, and the web.

Claris Studio

Claris Studio

A cloud-native developer tool set to build rich app experiences with multiple views of your information and two-way data interaction.

Claris Connect

Claris Connect

Workflow automation software to sync data between the popular apps you use every day in your business.

The Claris platform is robust and reliable.

  • Works on mobile and desktop

  • Integrates with your existing systems and popular business platforms

  • Works on Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, iOS, iPadOS, and web

  • Scales to handle the demands of any business size

  • Three decades of continual investments into performance improvements

Low-code rapid app development lets you deploy faster and make the most of what you already have.

  • Leverage your existing infrastructure and systems

  • Repurpose existing code for future iterations and additions

  • Quickly create an MVP or prototype

  • Increase the lifetime value of your existing investments

What is the Claris Platform Bundle?

Have a look at our overview video available on YouTube to give you some details about this new platform from Claris.


Claris Platform Bundle

Claris Platform Bundle includes:

  • Claris Pro
  • Claris Go
  • Claris WebDirect
  • Claris Studio
  • Claris Connect
  • Claris Server (for Linux only)
  • Claris Data API

OS Platforms

Windows | Mac | Linux

Claris Platform

Buy the Claris Platform Bundle

We are committed to making sure that you are equipped with the right Claris tools for the job at the right price.  Contact us to discuss the options or to purchase the Claris Platform Bundle at 760-510-1200 or email us at sales@productivecomputing.com


Mastering Claris Studio

Mastering Claris Studio will teach you the skills needed to create web-based forms and applications. You will learn how to integrate Claris Studio with the Claris Platform and start building surveys, signup forms, registration pages, and more.

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System Requirements

Windows® 10 / 11 - Enterprise and Pro Editions (22H2, 64-bit only)
macOS 12 - 14

Claris Server requires Linux OS

Additional Information