Health Assessment

Like going to the doctor for an annual physical or taking your car in for its tune-up, your FileMaker solution could benefit from our health assessment.

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    Solution assessment

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    Server inspection

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    Full report with recommendations​


What we do for each FileMaker Health Assessment

Get to Know You

It is important that our first step is to meet with you, listen, and learn. We need to get to know the system and users, understand the workflow, what works and what doesn’t, and where the customer wants to go with it.

Server Inspection

Using an extensive predefined checklist, we will determine if the server is set up properly for the best FileMaker experience and that critical business data is backed up according to best practices, and well protected from system failure.

BaseElements Assessment

This powerful developer tool looks “under the hood” of your application to expose errors, unreferenced/unused elements, warnings, performance issues, and security issues.

Schema & Script Review

We look at how the solution is built -- including assessing how the system has been organized, what scripting methods have been used, and how close the code is to current development standards -- to determine if it is in good shape for expansion or needs some “touch up” work.

Security Audit

We review your system to make sure there are no unauthorized user accounts in the system and that sensitive data is properly controlled. Over time, and as employees come and go, it is important to make sure all user accounts are audited.

Final Health Report

We assemble all the inspection information in an easy-to-understand report that includes:

  • a letter grade based on a mathematical score for each area
  • recommendations for improvements with a proposal of costs 
  • a list of critical system issues that should be resolved before conducting new development

For those customers who are considering rebuilding, replacing, or retrofitting their system, we can provide an analysis to determine which of these would make the most sense.

Get the Health Assessment!

This in-depth review and analysis takes our certified developers anywhere from 10-25 hours to produce. We offer the Health Assessment as a packaged “flat fee” service for $2,000.

Or it comes included free when you sign up for our monthly Maintenance Support Program!

If you prefer, feel free to email us or call 760-510-1200

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