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Vessel Service Solutions (VSS), a virtual command center
to manage vessel assistance orders



Import order emails

Send orders to captain's iPad

Quickly map boat coordinates

Easily edit orders at sea

Email completions to dispatch



Fuel and maintenance logs

Create maintenance schedules

Manage and track boats components

Track oil changes, tune ups, engine swaps



Send invoices same day

Maintain staff information

Track services

Manage boats & ports

Detailed reports & timesheets

Vessel Service Solutions

Save crucial time by using the latest technologies to dispatch, track and manage boat distress calls


Streamline your workflow using VSS

Vessel Service Solutions is a software program that imports BoatU.S. tow case emails into a standardized form. The case can be edited in VSS and dispatched to a specific captain. The captain then retrieves the case on an iOS device (iPad or iPhone). While the captain is assisting the boater, he can track his time on scene and time in tow, list services rendered during the call as well as obtain the customer signature - even if there is no internet service. Once the tow is complete and the captain is back in internet range, the case can be sent back to dispatch for final review and billing.

Dispatchers can review the completed case and quickly email it to BoatU.S. and the client. If you use QuickBooks for your accounting, you have the option to send the case to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online as an invoice.

Vessel Service Solutions (VSS)
a paperless and efficient way to handle order fulfillment

VSS is a FileMaker solution for covering ship or water craft breakdown emergencies

VSS eliminates the need for time-consuming faxes and scans and improves turnaround time on invoices


Receive, fulfill and manage with ease

A paperless and efficient way to manage tow cases by quickly importing BoatU.S. case emails or creating new orders for non-member cases. Speed up your accounting by connecting VSS with QuickBooks to track invoices and payments.

Import tow dispatch emails, in the office or on the go, and send them to captains as soon as distress calls are received

Use quick link to view boat coordinates

Using the FileMaker Go app on the iPad or iPhone, captains can easily generate notes, service items and signatures while at sea

Update towing times and services to calculate the total price

Send completed orders to customers by email

Send signed orders back to dispatch upon completion

Invoice same day for quick payment and processing

Create new orders on the iPad while at sea

Transfer invoice information between VSS and QuickBooks

Vessel Servivce Solutions Orders
Boat Maintenance and Fuel Logs

Fuel & Maintenance Logs

Keep your fleet shipshape

With VSS you can create maintenance schedules with alerts to track when boat maintenance is due and input fuel logs and maintenance logs to track boat costs and fuel efficiency.

Maintain a fuel log per boat, including: engine hours, fueling captain, location, battery level, cost per gallon, number of gallons and total cost

Track oil changes, engine repair, tune ups and more with maintenance logs

Create a maintenance schedule for oil changes, tune ups and other required services

Manage multiple engines, safety equipment and other components for each boat in your fleet


Details at your fingertips

VSS includes thirteen standard reports for orders, boats, and timesheets with the ability to create unique reports based upon your tracking requirements and preferences.

Five different time sheet reports make payroll tracking a breeze

Pull detailed reports on fuel usage by boat and date

View the history of each captain’s orders

Analyze boat revenue and expenses

Create reports in PDF or Excel format for any date range

Reports in VSS
Vessel Service Solutions Preferences


Professionally manage all aspects of your business

The Preferences module in VSS is only accessible by management and is the epicenter of control for the entire solution.

Manage contact information, hourly pay and commissions rates and qualifications for each captain, deckhand and dispatcher

Manage all terms, disclaimers, notes and signature requirements

Personalize your modules with company information, tower ID and your company logo

Track your list of services (QuickBooks Items)

Transfer services/items from QuickBooks to VSS

Manage all boats and track starting and engine current hours

Add and manage multiple ports and tower IDs


Easy time and event tracking

With a robust calendar, you can track future tow orders, staff vacations, or other relevant dates. In the Timesheets module, captains and deckhands can record hours and cases worked and submit timesheets based upon day or night hours, per unit charges, or commissions.

Time sheets: record hours for captains, deckhands and dispatchers

Create timesheets for hourly, commission, or per unit pay structures

Link timesheets to tow cases to record exact hours and service totals

Company wide calendar to track tow cases, personal events, or boat maintenance

Schedule dock to dock tows

View events in traditional day, month, and week calendar views or list view

VSS has a robust calendar module and time tracking

Vessel Service Solutions Pricing

The VSS Setup Package gets you up and running with your new solution. 
Our expert team ensures a seamless setup process. Getting started is easy!

VSS Setup Package

Get started with a one-time setup package of your VSS system and choose a subscription option.

Setup includes onboarding meeting(s) conducted via screen-share on your computer. Our team will instruct you on how to use each module in the system and will review VSS on your desktop/laptop and your iOS device.

$500 (setup fee)

• Includes basic setup and support

• Customization support sold separately at an hourly rate

VSS Subscription

A monthly subscription for your fleet & to keep you up to date with the latest software

$75 (per month)

$810 (per year - save $90)

• Required minimum subscription
• Includes one boat
• Includes the VSS Central File on one machine
• Includes Remote File for unlimited iOS devices
• Includes one copy of FileMaker Pro

Add Additional Boats to VSS

Add additional boats to your fleet. Keep them active year round or place on hold during your off season.

$50 (per month per boat)

$540 (per year per boat - save $60)

*Minimum subscription required year-round to maintain your VSS service.  Customer credit cards will automatically be charged monthly or annually (depending on frequency selected) thereafter unless cancelled. All prepayments are nonrefundable.

System Requirements

FileMaker® Pro 19

FileMaker Go 19

Windows® 10/11 (Pro or Enterprise Edition 64-bit only)
Mac OS 10.15 - 13

If you are interested in integrating VSS data with QuickBooks, VSS is compatible with:

  • QuickBooks Desktop versions QuickBooks Pro, Premier/Accountant, Enterprise 2020 - 2023
  • QuickBooks Online (QBO)

Version History

Version: | Release Date: 3/20/2019 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • Added a server-side process that will continually keep Calendar events up to date on a per-minute basis, refreshing them with any changes made from their related Order or Maintenance Schedule.
  • Resolved issue where closing the VSS Remote file occasionally stranded the user on the VSS Central landing window
  • Added a server-side process that will continually keep Calendar events up to date on a per-minute basis, refreshing them with any changes made from their related Order or Maintenance Schedule.
  • Resolved issue where closing the VSS Remote file occasionally stranded the user on the VSS Central landing window
  • Resolved issue where submitting orders from the VSS Remote file would not properly fill the description of services section in VSS Central
  • Updated Event category color calculations to be more responsive to changes from Preferences
  • Updated the day and night hours calculations to resolve an issue where the order times coincide with sunrise and sunset
  • Miscellaneous bug and logic fixesUpdated solution compatibility for FileMaker Pro, Go and Server 17

Version: | Release Date: 1/10/2019 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • Updated solution compatibility for FileMaker Pro, Go and Server 17
  • Added personnel-specific Commission rates under personnel preferences. Commission rates will populate through to time sheets and orders for their linked personnel.
  • Added a new module for managing Components. Components can be assigned to boats and can be treated as general inventory.
  • Added filter button to the Orders List layout to filter out paid orders from the list
  • Added a Qualifications section for personnel. Qualifications allow management to track the certificates and other qualifications that personnel have earned.
  • Added a new alert for Fuel Log entries that will prompt the user when a boat is due for maintenance. This will also send out an email and/or text alert to the personnel that have been designated in charge of handling maintenance alerts. Management can designate these “points of contact” from the personnel preferences section.
  • Added a field for tracking boat battery level when refueling a boat.
  • Added a new Calendar module. The Calendar module allows users to track events and tasks in an easy-to-manage interface, letting them manage events, track schedules, and view related orders or scheduled maintenance tasks.
  • Added a report for unpaid time sheets.
  • Resolved issue where invalid characters were acceptable for user account names.
  • Resolved issue where some personnel dropdown lists were still displaying inactive personnel.
  • Resolved an issue where some inactive boat information may show up in reports with active boat information.
  • Updated the process of duplicating an order to ensure orders are properly duplicated and prepared for new data.

Version: | Release Date: 11/29/2018 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • Added support for 24+ hour span on Orders. Orders will now properly calculate amounts for cases that span more than 1 day.
  • Added support for 24+ hour span on Time Sheets.
  • Added the ability to specify whether to send emails via an Email Client or via SMTP in the Preferences section.
  • Updated the FM Books Connector Online batch scripting to resolve an issue where incomplete messages were being returned on error.
  • Updated the FM Books Connector and FM Books Connector Online invoice push processes to provide appropriate error messages when pushing line items that are missing valid items.
  • Updated the FM Books Connector Online batch scripting to resolve an issue where a background window used in the process was not properly closing.
  • Added additional order statuses to the Orders system: Pending, Canceled, and Void.
  • Updated stored plug-ins to their latest versions: FM Books Connector version, FM Books Connector Online version
  • Improve connection reliability between the Remote file and the Central file.

Version: | Release Date07/25/2018 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • Added contact email address to QuickBooks Online Invoice
  • Updated mapping feature on MacOS
  • Updated QuickBooks push script to QuickBooks and batch pull invoice balance scripts to work on the current found set
  • Added error catching to maintenance logs to catch for incorrect boat hours
  • Solved an issue in the Maintenance Schedules where the scripting was not properly halting when validation fails so it ends up saving the schedule without complete information.

Version: | Release Date04/03/2018 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • This solution is confirmed compatible with macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Added new Dashboard module
  • Added notes field to fuel logs
  • Created iPhone layouts
  • Created new dispatch security privilege set
  • Personnel dropdown lists now only show active personnel
  • Resolved privilege set issue with Orders module
  • Resolved issue when duplicating an order where line items would be duplicated and shared between the original order and the new order
  • Miscellaneous issues and enhancements

Version: | Release Date09/25/2017 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • This solution is verified compatible with Mac OS 10.11- 10.13

Version: | Release Date06/23/2017 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • This product is now compatible with QuickBooks Online
  • Added error messages to catch for record locking when pulling orders and submitting orders.
  • Resolved bug with Pull Emails getting stuck in Processing state
  • Resolved order transfer issue with systems using customized reference numbers
  • Miscellaneous issues and enhancements
  • Updated data import to include new BoatUS fields (client email and address)

Version: | Release Date05/08/2017 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • This solution is verified compatible with FileMaker 16 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Version: | Release Date02/13/2017 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • This solution is now compatible with MacOS Sierra 10.12
  • This solution is now compatible with FM Books Connector plug-in 32-bit and 64-bit
  •  This solution is now compatible with FileMaker 15, 32- bit and 64-bit
  • This solution is now compatible with QuickBooks 2017 US Version
  • VSS is now accessible on iPhones using FileMaker Go.
  • Added ability to have multiple tower IDs and assign one ID to each port
  • Added ability to dispatch from an iPad
  • Added the ability to create a new order on the iPad in the Remote file. No internet connection required
  • Added a warning to fuel and maintenance log entries that catches for future dates
  • Added a field in the Maintenance Log for personnel
  • Added a warning if there are no engine hours in a fuel log
  • Added a warning for fuel logs that have conflicting boat hours with other logs in the system
  • Updated the fuel log entry for more flexible data entry
  • Added a field on the dispatch form for Insurance Company
  • Added a field on the dispatch form for an Insurance Claim Number
  • Added a catch to the BoatU.S. Member field to protect against erroneous characters
  • Added a Balance Due column to the List view in the Orders module
  • Updated the Status field values to: New, Assigned to Capt, Pulled to iPad, Ready to Process, Reviewed, and Paid
  • Added the ability to batch push orders to QuickBooks
  • Added a button to mark an order as reviewed. Reviewed orders are available to be pushed to QuickBooks in a batch push
  • Added an icon to push a single invoice to QuickBooks
  • Added icons to indicate QuickBooks status in both list and form view. A red icon means the invoice is not in QuickBooks, an orange icon means it has been modified since being pushed to QuickBooks and needs to be re-pushed, and a green icon means the invoice has been pushed to QuickBooks and is up-to-date
  • Added an error message to the remote file with instructions on how to resolve a "connection lost" issue.
  • Added a warning if you are pulling a report that spans more than three months
  • Added the option to sub-summarize reports by month
  • Added the option to "Print All" when pulling a Time Sheet by Individual" report
  • Added the ability to automatically create a timer entry when submitting an order from the Remote file to the Central dispatch file
  • Resolved an issue where the customer in QuickBooks was showing the first name in both the first and last name fields in the individual record
  • Resolved a bug where the Pull Emails script would get stuck in the processing state
  • Miscellaneous issues, enhancements, and bug fixes

Version: | Release Date09/20/2016 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • This solution is verified compatible with Mac OS 10.10 - 10.12

Version: | Release Date05/10/2016 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • This solution verified compatible with FileMaker® Pro 15 for Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • This solution is verified compatible with FileMaker Pro 15 for Mac, 64-bit

Version: | Release Date04/07/2016 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • Added ability for management to control Captains and Deckhands' ability to edit, view and delete fuel logs, maintenance schedules and maintenance logs
  • Added ability to pull Discount Items from QuickBooks
  • Resolved an issue where submitting a job from the Remote to Central file would only transfer the signature
  • Rounded day and night hours on Orders to the nearest 15 minute increment
  • Resolved an issue with transferring a series of orders from the Remote file to the Central file
  • Restricted ability to mark Time Sheets as paid to the Management privilege set
  • Updated Reports for Time Sheets to include additional pay information: Commissions totals and Other totals
  • Updated Remote file to default to a quantity of one when selecting an item/service
  • Miscellaneous updates, enhancements and improvements to Central and Remote files, privilege sets, and security

Version: | Release Date03/01/2016 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • Added the ability to pull a report for a Found Set of records
  • Added the ability to print current order or found set of orders to the file menu
  • Added latitude and longitude fields to print layout/ PDF export
  • Added the ability to mark time sheets as paid in the Time Sheets module
  • Added a popover calendar to all date fields
  • Added the ability to set an employee as Active or Inactive in the Personnel tab
  • Added the ability to access the FileMaker Go Launch Center when on the Orders screen in the Remote file
  • Added scripting to default to the last record in the Orders module when opening the Central file
  • Enhanced the maintenance schedule updating to avoid long delays
  • Fixed an issue where hitting Next on the Orders screen in the Remote file highlighted the field, but did not allow for data entry until the user tapped into the field
  • Resolved an issue where mapped coordinates were slightly inaccurate
  • Resolved an issue with maintenance progress bar calculating backwards
  • Resolved an issue where schedules were updating incorrectly when a new service was added
  • Resolved an issue where editing a Maintenance Schedule would reset the next scheduled maintenance interval and return the progress bar to 0%
  • Resolved an issue where viewing a filtered set of fuel logs in list view was including logs outside of the filtered set
  • Resolved an issue that inhibited the user from choosing a towboat in the Remote file
  • Resolved issue in the Remote file where Services/Items calculations were not adding up
  • Restricted deletion of boats and personnel to prevent errors in reporting
  • Redesigned the Preview window for reports
  • Updated Average Fuel Consumption calculation to reflect gallons per hour
  • Updated the pay options on Time Entries to allow for rate per unit charges and commission calculations
  • Updated mapping API
  • Updated all time fields to military time
  • Miscellaneous issues and enhancements to the Remote file, reports, and the Central file

Version: | Release Date02/08/2016 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • Added ability to capture sunrise and sunset times for each order based on the latitude and longitude of the boat in distress
  • Added functionality to separate total hours billed by day and night hours based on the sunrise and sunset times
  • Added ability for timers to automatically calculate day and night hours based on the latitude and longitude of the port location set in Preferences
  • Added ability to assign day and night rates in Personnel tab
  • Added link to NOAA weather conditions based on the latitude and longitude of the boat in distress
  • Added ability to view the map coordinates of a single order or multiple (found set) orders
  • Added multi-pin display to view a found set of orders on a single map with color-coded boat pins from Orders or Reports modules
  • Added a notification when inputting a new fuel log that will alert the user if a boat needs maintenance
  • Added ability to export order information from the Orders list view
  • Added order status to the list of orders and to all Orders reports
  • Added "Total Hours" and "Total Amount" summaries to the Time Sheets module in central and remote files
  • Updated Time Sheets reports to include day and night hours
  • Added ability to pull invoice balance and paid status of order invoices from QuickBooks
  • Added ability to push updated invoices to QuickBooks to modify existing invoices
  • Resolved an issue where pushing items to QuickBooks with zero quantity pushed item description and rate
  • Added ability to view a list to customers' related orders
  • Added ability to view fuel logs, maintenance logs, and maintenance schedules for a specific a date range
  • Added ability to view Fuel Log, Maintenance Log, and Time Sheets modules in list view
  • Created a log to show the history of pulled emails, including name of user importing, number of emails pulled, and any error notifications
  • Updated email subject line to BoatUS required format
  • Updated Text Notifications to include: order number, name of boat, client name, and client cell phone number
  • Updated texting functionality using the Twilio API
  • Added ability to track number of boats and monitor usage concurrency
  • Added the ability to distribute the VSS remote file from the Preferences module
  • Added ability for admin users to export all VSS data
  • Miscellaneous issues and enhancements

Version: | Release Date01/12/2016 | PlatformWin and Mac

  • Greatly enhanced the user interface for the desktop and iPad screens
  • Added ability to edit drop down lists and added ability for remote users to import the lists
  • Added Fuel Log for tracking fueling dates, location, engine hours, and cost
  • Added Maintenance Log module to record boat maintenance and costs
  • Added Maintenance Schedule for creating and tracking maintenance progress based on engine hours
  • Added Time Sheets module for personnel time tracking with rate and total hour calculations
  • Added Reports module for generating PDF and Excel reports for Orders, Boats and Personnel
  • Added Boats module for tracking your active boats and engine hours
  • Added ability to specify ports for orders
  • Added ability to import non-member emails from BoatUS
  • Added New Blank Order button to allow users to quickly generate a new manual order
  • Added ability for remote users to enter fuel logs, maintenance logs and time sheets from an iPad (Internet Connection required)
  • Added ability to assign security privileges, set up access credentials, and restrict usage to system by employee roles
  • Added map generation using a maps API to display latitude and longitude coordinates of an order
  • Updated the Personnel module to allow users to enter employee contact information, assign various roles, and manage hourly rates
  • Updated the signature capture in the remote file using FileMaker Go
  • Updated the Orders list view to include Type of Service
  • Updated width and size of fields to allow for additional information to be entered
  • Updated Orders layout to include Status fields for various activities per order
  • Updated Terms and Conditions in remote file to allow users to view in a larger font
  • Resolved an issue where an order would immediately require the assignment of a captain upon viewing order
  • Resolved issue where time stamp for pulled emails would not appear
  • Resolved issue where the some fields would automatically select all text when clicked
  • Resolved issue some time fields would not import from BoatUS emails
  • Resolved issue where deleting an item from an order would not remove all data
  • Removed tax field from Orders
  • Miscellaneous updates, enhancements and improved user experience with the central and remote files
  • Miscellaneous updates to various layouts for FileMaker 14 and FileMaker Go 14
  • This solution is verified compatible with Windows® 7/8/10, Mac 10.9-10.11 and may work with earlier versions

Additional Information

VSS Support

Productive Computing’s support staff works Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) and are available during these hours to address questions and issues. Occasionally, you may need to leave a message and we'll get the request done the same business day or by the next business day.

For VSS emergencies outside of normal business hours, please call 760-510-1200 and you will be forwarded to an on-call team member. There may be a delayed response, but we will troubleshoot the system and respond as soon as possible.


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