Claris FileMaker Maintenance Support Program

Developed to handle all your daily Claris FileMaker support needs, our team becomes an extension of your internal staff. Billed by the month, these services include:

  • Dedicated support team

  • Deep Dive Health Assessment

  • Unlimited support on small requests

  • Unlimited support on Claris FileMaker Pro installation & usage

  • FileMaker Server Support & Monitoring

  • Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

  • Layout and Design Updates

  • Free consultations on best practices & future projects

  • Discounts on Custom Developer Services

Need Claris FileMaker Support?

Plans start at $200/month

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Actively Address Issues

Direct access to a FileMaker developer for quick resolution of unexpected issues, bugs, or questions so you can continue with your daily work

Avoid Work Interruptions

Scheduling maintenance reduces the chance of system downtime and helps to ensure your day-to-day operations and employee productivity run smoothly

Enhance FileMaker Security

Keep your FileMaker app secure with properly encrypted files, up-to-date SSL certificates, and professional security recommendations

Day-to-Day FileMaker Support

Like an insurance policy, this program is intended to provide preventative, proactive, and scheduled upkeep of your FileMaker solution to ensure efficiency and optimal performance.  

Consult with our developers or just send us a request and we will help you avoid unnecessary solution downtime, system failure, or unplanned and disruptive maintenance activities. ​

Submit and manage your requests with a dedicated portal offering different levels of priority service.


Maintenance Support Program Pricing & Features

For a flat monthly fee, the dedicated Maintenance Support Program (MSP) team will track and resolve support requests, provide advice on system improvements, and will be there to keep your mission-critical systems running at their optimum level.

FileMaker Maintenance Support Program

To find out more, either fill out the form above or call our office at 760-510-1200 and ask to speak with sales. ​Plans are based on the number of users on your FileMaker License Agreement. There is a two-month minimum commitment for all plans.
* Coaching Maintenance Support requires an active subscription to the Productive Computing University (PCU) Bundle.

Is the Maintenance Support Program right for you?

This program is perfect for clients who are investing in their future and aren't afraid to make changes to improve user satisfaction while increasing their bottom line.

Deferred maintenance is something that we have seen in almost every system a customer brings to us -- Everything from outdated security measures with abandoned user accounts that should have been deleted years ago, to backups that aren't running, to user interfaces that are so cluttered and cobbled together that it is impossible to train new hires.

The MSP program works for those...

who sees the value in having an on-call technology resource with certified FileMaker developers who know their solution and workflow.​

who have businesses that are growing or having to do more with less staff and need professional support so they can focus on growing their business. ​

who value having us make small adjustments, fixes, or providing advice on their system/business workflows without the unexpected expense of a time and materials bill. ​

who have an older FileMaker solution that isn't running as well as it used to and is mission-critical to their daily operations and success of their business.

who are interested in knowing how to use FileMaker better to increase their productivity and bottom line.

who care about their data security.

Prepay one year & get one month credit towards development!

MSP subscribers are eligible for a free FileMaker Health Assessment (a $2000 value).
If you’ve been ignoring warning signs or red flags from your FileMaker system – like slowdowns or glitches – now is the time to get those under control.

Discover how our MSP can help your database

Time and time again, we see clients with wish lists for their FileMaker solutions that get deprioritized in favor of just keeping things running. Everything from outdated security measures, to backups that aren't running or being monitored, to user interfaces that are so cluttered and cobbled together that it is impossible to train new users -- they all get pushed to the back burner.

Most of our customers run their whole company on these systems and live with the inefficiency, often not knowing these issues could be fixed, removed or improved. Sometimes they aren't even aware of the concerns in their databases that could cause entire systems to crash.  Learn how our team of experts can help.


What our customers are saying about MSP...

BoothBuilt Patio Products

Tom Booth, owner

“Productive Computing and the Maintenance Support Program are excellent on both quality and quick turn-around! I am grateful for the professionalism of all the team members we have worked with. I appreciate the efficiency of our discovery meetings. During these meetings, my wants and needs were carefully listened to by a team who are excellent listeners and developers.”



David Sears, CEO

“Thank you for being a great ongoing development and support partner. I am continually thrilled with what we are able to accomplish with our CORE application and regularly find myself wondering how in the world we functioned properly prior to your team rebuilding and enhancing it! Also, the name “Maintenance Program does not do it justice – your program ends up improving – not just maintaining – the functionality of our app and problem solving!”

Kids Turn San Diego

Cindy Grossman, Executive Director

“We love working with you all! You are a wonderful support team!!! You were right -- you could create everything we need. THANK YOU!!!!”

Historic and Fine Art Industry Representatives

Alana W.

"We just completed a massive upgrade in our FileMaker system, and now that we’re on the maintenance program, we’re able to reduce ongoing costs for any remaining open issues as a result of the deployment. The maintenance program has unquestionably delivered a tremendous value for an affordable price."

Todd Arrants, owner

Utility Sales Agency

"Your support has been very good, and we are happy with your service. As we get more comfortable, it allows us to change small things that in the past we just worked around. Thanks!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Every subscriber to the MSP is eligible for a free FileMaker Health Assessment. This service, valued at $2000, includes looking at areas of security, performance, stability, server hardware, backups, workflow, code errors,  and data integrity. We'll also review and address any issues the customer has been tracking and want us to specifically look at.

From there, we'll produce a written report with an easy-to-understand letter grade evaluation along with making recommendations of areas that can be fixed, upgraded, streamlined, or otherwise improved. Most of the time, these fixes fall under the purview of the MSP and we can start working on them right away, at no additional cost. 

We will evaluate the request at no cost to you and provide you a quote for you to decide on. If approved, the work will be handed over to the custom development team to complete as a billable project.

Yes, there is a two-month minimum commitment for all plans. This provides time for you to really feel the effect of the dedicated attention.

The Maintenance Support Program user count is based on the number of FileMaker Pro licenses listed on the most recent contract. To begin service under the MSP, we will need to have a copy of your most recent FileMaker Licensing contract. Adding or removing user licenses to a FileMaker contract will reflect on the following month’s MSP charge.

No, these are sold separately, call us for more information.

You will have a secure customer portal to submit, review, prioritize and/or provide information to the dedicated MSP team to handle your requests.

Yes, you can cancel your contract at any time - that is why we bill month-to-month. However, we're confident that you will find value in the program. 

Consider the alternative – if your FileMaker system goes down you not only have to pay for emergency assistance getting it up and running, but your employees are unable to work – resulting in slowed productivity and potential lost business. Additionally, you could potentially lose important data - either due to corruption or as the result of an ineffective data backup plan.​