FileMaker Maintenance & Support Program

  • Unlimited support requests

  • Unlimited training on FileMaker Pro usage

  • FileMaker App Health Assessment

  • FileMaker training at Productive Computing University

  • Consultations on programming best practices

  • Annual workflow audit and recommendations report

Need FileMaker Support?

Plans start at $375/month

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Actively Address Issues

Direct access to a FileMaker developer for quick resolution of unexpected issues, bugs or questions so you can continue with your daily work

Avoid Work Interruptions

Scheduling maintenance reduces the chance of system downtime and helps to ensure your day-to-day operations and employee productivity run smoothly

Enhance FileMaker Security

Keep your FileMaker app secure with properly encrypted files, up-to-date SSL certificates and professional security recommendations

Improve your FileMaker Efficiency

Make FileMaker work for you - let us help you create a true Workplace Innovation Platform and keep your business running smoothly.

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FileMaker Maintenance and Support Program

This program is intended to provide preventative, proactive and scheduled upkeep of your FileMaker solution for the purpose of ensuring solution efficiency and optimal performance. Consult with our FileMaker Developers or just send us a request and we will help you avoid unnecessary solution downtime, system failure, or unplanned and disruptive maintenance activities. 

FileMaker Consulting

Free one-on-one consulting sessions on best practices for FileMaker programming and process recommendations for improved efficiency

Workflow Recommendations

Take advantage of unlimited support on FileMaker Pro usage/training - add, edit, delete, performing finds, navigation questions and simple workflow answers

Health Assessment

Gain peace of mind with a free in-depth Health Assessment ($1,000 value) of your FileMaker database to ensure stability and improve performance

Unlimited FileMaker Support

Keep your solution in perfect working order with unlimited support on small (under two hour) development and general FileMaker support requests

Annual Solution Audits

Stay efficient with an annual customer workflow audit, FileMaker new features overview and system recommendations report

FileMaker Education with PCU

A free subscription to Productive Computing University ($149/yr value) provides you with comprehensive training on advanced FileMaker technologies

Program Pricing and Eligibility

Productive Computing’s FileMaker Maintenance Support Program is available for a minimum of $375 per month for up to five users. Additional users can be added for $75 per user/per month.

For larger teams, we provide tiered discounts at 10, 15, 20 and 25 or more users.

The user count is determined by the number of users on your FileMaker License Agreement.

Why do I need a FileMaker support plan?

You want to make changes to your FileMaker system, but are concerned about the cost

You've recently invested in major custom FileMaker development and you still need to work out the kinks

You want on-call FileMaker support

You want to work with someone who knows your FileMaker database and unique business workflow

You are FileMaker developer, but you occasionally need advice on FileMaker programming, scripts, etc.

You want to outsource your FileMaker development to free up staff time

You don't have an internal employee maintaining your FileMaker app

You value annual system checkups and regular servicing

You are interested in continuing to improve your system and business processes

You want to capitalize on FileMaker’s newest features to benefit their company

If you purchase your FileMaker licenses through us...

As FileMaker Maintenance Support Program participants you are eligible for additional discounts and services when you purchase your FileMaker licensing through us.

Discounted Rates on FileMaker Custom Development

Access to “Preferred” hourly billing pricing on custom development requests *

Help with FileMaker Installation and SSL Installation

Enjoy unlimited FileMaker Pro & FileMaker Server installation support and unlimited SSL Certificate installation **

FileMaker File Conversions and Software Upgrades

We will help you stay up-to-date with your FileMaker software and assist with file conversions***

*$10 an hour discount on Time and Materials projects
**SSL certificate sold separately
***This services does not include file format changes or support beyond one previous version of FileMaker

What our customers are saying about FileMaker Support

"We just completed a massive upgrade in our FileMaker system, and now that we’re on the maintenance program, we’re able to reduce ongoing costs for any remaining open issues as a result of the deployment. The maintenance program has unquestionably delivered a tremendous value for an affordable price."

Historic and Fine Art Industry Representatives
Alana W.

25 FileMaker Users

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my request takes longer than 2 hours to complete?

If that is the case, we will evaluate the request at no cost to you and provide you an estimate on what it will cost to complete the work. As part of our support program, if you also purchase your FileMaker software through us, you are entitled to discounted development rates.

How many requests can I make in a month?

You can make as many as you’d like! Our goal is for you to get as much out of FileMaker as you can – and call us when you are ready for the big stuff.

How do I know I am getting my money’s worth?

Aside from us being there any time you need, we will provide you with regular reports showing you how many requests were made and how much time we have spent working on them so you can compare that to what it would have cost on a time and materials basis. When you see and experience the results, we are confident that you will agree that this is our best value service - by far!

Can I cancel my contract at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your contract at any time - that is why we bill month-to-month. However, we're confident that you will find value in the program. 

What is included in the free Health Assessment?

By the time it gets to us, a FileMaker solution can be a patchwork of code that is outdated, poorly written, has performance issues or is damaged due to crashes and recoveries done over the years.  All of these things make a solution prohibitive to build upon, so, in most cases, we push for a thorough review of the solution and the environment in which it resides.

During a health check, we:

  1. Run a Base Elements Assessment. This is a developer tool that exposes errors, unreferenced/unused elements, warnings and performance issues.
  2. Perform a Server Inspection Check. Using our predefined checklist, we will determine if everything is set up properly for the best FileMaker experience and that your critical business data is well protected.
  3. Review Schema & Scripts.  We look at how your solution was built and the scripting methods used to determine how efficient they are and we assess the solution’s performance to determine which areas need to be looked at to improve the users’ experience.
  4. Provide a Final Report. We will consolidate all of the information gathered into one document with findings and recommendations. Included with the final report will be the Server Inspection Check and Base Elements Assessments. We will also provide you with an estimated Work Order (the estimated hours required to complete any of the recommendations).

Will the money invested in a maintenance program outweigh emergency repairs?

Consider the alternative – if your FileMaker system goes down you not only have to pay for emergency assistance getting it up and running, but your employees are unable to work – resulting in slowed productivity and potential lost business. Additionally, you could potentially lose important data - either due to corruption or as the result of an ineffective data backup plan.

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