Mail, Contact and Calendar Integration with FileMaker

Looking for a FileMaker Plug-in to connect to a third-party mail or calendar application?

One of our FileMaker plug-ins may be just right for you! Integrate your FileMaker solution with your calendar and contact applications. For more than 10 years, we’ve been helping clients achieve more efficient, accurate and streamlined solutions between FileMaker and Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and 365, Apple Mail, Apple Calendar and Google applications.

Why Integrate with FileMaker?

Eliminate duplicate data entry

Centralize customer contact information

Push or pull event data between applications

Create reminder notifications

Send HTML emails with attachments

Access on your mobile device

Import and parse critical data to Filemaker

Connect FileMaker to Outlook 

Learn how to properly integrate FileMaker with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange/Office 365 - Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes

Connect FileMaker to Google

Learn how to properly integrate a FileMaker solution with Google applications - Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.

Mail and Calendar Plug-ins

Outlook Manipulator Plug-in for FileMaker and Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Manipulator

Connect to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

Exchange Manipulator SE plug-in for Microsoft 365 and Exchange Web Services and FileMaker

Exchange Manipulator SE

Connect to Microsoft Exchange Web Services and Hosted 365

gManipulator plug-in for FileMaker


Connect to your Google account

Address Book Manipulator plug-in for Apple Contacts and FileMaker

Address Book Manipulator

Connect to Apple Contacts

iCal Manipulator plug-in for Apple Calendar and FileMaker

iCal Manipulator

Connect to Apple Calendar