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Connect Claris FileMaker to the Calendly API

Do you find yourself taking time away from work because you are jumping from your solution to emails to your...
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Connect Claris FileMaker to Freshdesk API

Use our free sample file to connect to the Freshdesk ticketing system If you are looking for customer support software,...
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It’s Time to Clean up your Claris FileMaker Database!

Your business has grown and evolved over the years, and your Claris FileMaker database has been keeping pace with you...
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How a health assessment can help your Claris FileMaker database

Assessing the good, the bad and the ugly of your FileMaker system If you have a Claris FileMaker database that...
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Your Hosting Options for Claris FileMaker

If you and your team are accessing your company’s Claris or FileMaker system from desktop computers, mobile devices or a...
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A User’s Guide to Claris & FileMaker Terminology

Are you new to FileMaker Pro or Claris Pro? Have you been asked to work in a custom solution but...
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Sending & Receiving MMS with FileMaker

As a business owner, communication with your customers and your employees is key. While FileMaker has long supported sending plain...
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How Investing in Claris FileMaker Hosting Can Improve Business Outcomes

Your business depends on your Claris FileMaker solution. But if you are hosting FileMaker locally (on server hardware in your...
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Using JSON with Claris FileMaker

If you have done any development work in Claris FileMaker or worked with APIs, you may have heard references to...
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How to Send Emails from Claris FileMaker (Plain Text and HTML)

Does your team need to send emails from Claris FileMaker? There are three methods you can use to send emails...
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My Thoughts on the Future of Claris

Claris recently made some really big announcements and I thought I'd share some specific thoughts on the future of Claris....
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The History Of QR Codes—And How To Create Them In Seconds In FileMaker

From coffee shops to flyers to the workplace, QR codes are everywhere. But how long have QR codes been around,...
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