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Sending-Emails with Claris FileMaker

How to Send Emails from Claris FileMaker (Plain Text and HTML)

May 17, 2022

Does your team need to send emails from Claris FileMaker? There are three methods you can use to send emails from FileMaker. Some are free and simple, while more advanced … Read More

The Future of Claris

My Thoughts on the Future of Claris

Apr 28, 2022

Claris recently made some really big announcements and I thought I’d share some specific thoughts on the future of Claris. My journey with FileMaker started way back in 1991 so … Read More

Creating QR Codes in FileMaker

The History Of QR Codes—And How To Create Them In Seconds In FileMaker

Apr 26, 2022

From coffee shops to flyers to the workplace, QR codes are everywhere. But how long have QR codes been around, and why are they better than their predecessor, the barcode?  … Read More

FileMaker Quick Find Searches

Find Data Fast: Improving FileMaker Quick Find Searches

Apr 11, 2022

There’s a reason why Google owns over 92% of the search engine market: it’s quick, dynamic, and helps users find the information they need. It even suggests and refines searches … Read More

Texting with Claris FileMaker

Sending Texts From FileMaker With Twilio

Mar 16, 2022

Are you sending text messages to your customers? Although 54% of consumers prefer to chat with brands via text message, only 11% of brands use texting to communicate. Texting may … Read More

FileMaker Support (MSP)

How a FileMaker Maintenance Support Program Can Work for You

Feb 23, 2022

Your business relies on your FileMaker solution, which means that when it needs an upgrade or a major overhaul, you can’t put it off. These types of big projects are … Read More

BaseElements for FileMaker

3 Critical Reasons to Use BaseElements

Feb 16, 2022

Are you trying to optimize your FileMaker solution? FileMaker allows you to build just about anything, but it can be time-consuming to manage all of your code and files. Instead … Read More


Setting Up FileMaker with a Weather API

Jan 24, 2022

As you may know from experience, the weather has a tremendous impact on your ability to do business. With a weather API in FileMaker, you can quickly adjust your plans … Read More

FileMaker Barcode Generator Add-on

Interested in Using the FileMaker Barcode Add-On With Your FileMaker Solution?

Dec 1, 2021

Data moves our world. Tools like barcodes make it possible to transmit this essential data much more quickly. Thanks to the latest versions of Claris FileMaker, it’s possible for your … Read More


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