FileMaker Hosting Plans

FileMaker and QuickBooks Hosting Plans from Productive Computing

QuickBooks Hosting

  • Host FileMaker and QuickBooks side by side on the same server
  • Designed to fit your needs with the ability to install third-party software
  • FileMaker Certified Developers at your service - we are your outsourced team!
  • Enjoy a familiar desktop experience with the ease of accessing in the cloud
  • Safe and secure data with regularly scheduled backups and SSL certificates
  • Compatible with QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions

Customize your plan to fit your needs! Host only your QuickBooks file or host your QuickBooks Desktop and FileMaker files with us.

QuickBooks Hosting

$99/ mo

(per user / when billed annually)

Host QuickBooks Desktop and connect
to your FileMaker files via FileMaker Pro

Add Microsoft Office for access to Excel files
for $20/mo per user

Requires QuickBooks 2022 or above*

Store up to 10 GB of QuickBooks files

Add additional QuickBooks users for
$99/mo per user (billed annually) or
$110/mo per user (billed monthly)

QuickBooks & FileMaker Hosting

$198/ mo

(for first user / when billed annually)

All the features of the QuickBooks Hosting
plan and more

Host your QuickBooks Desktop and FileMaker
files on a Dedicated FileMaker Server

Requires FileMaker Server 19.4 or above*

Store up to 10 GB of QuickBooks and FileMaker files

See the Dedicated Hosting Advanced plan
for server specifications**

All Plans Include:

Free Personalized Setup

Access to PCI's Expert Team

Daily Automated Backups of your data

Secure Uploads, Downloads and Connections

Files hosted on state-of-the-art AWS infrastructure

Option to install FM Books Connector (purchased separately)

* Bring your own QuickBooks or FileMaker Server licensing or purchase through us. 
** This QuickBooks and FileMaker Hosting discounted package is available with the Dedicated Hosting Advanced plan. Contact us if you need a custom quote for additional server needs.
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Why Choose QuickBooks Hosting

Our QuickBooks Hosting plans allow you to connect FileMaker and QuickBooks Desktop side by side in the cloud giving you, your team, and/or your accountant secure access to your financial data directly from any computer and many mobile devices or tablets. While QuickBooks hosting is available from a number of providers, you are rarely able to install other applications alongside your QuickBooks file. We are able to install FileMaker Pro and plug-ins (such as FM Books Connector) along with QuickBooks on a remote desktop.

Our QuickBooks Hosting plan allows you to host just your QuickBooks company file with us and connect to your independently hosted FileMaker file (whether it is hosted on your own server or with another FileMaker hosting provider). We create a remote desktop(s) with QuickBooks and FileMaker Pro (client version) installed and link to your FileMaker solution.

If you also need to host your FileMaker solution, then our QuickBooks and FileMaker Hosting plan is the best choice for you. In addition to the features available with the QuickBooks Hosting plan, we create a dedicated server to host your FileMaker files. 

Both plans allow you the option to add on additional QuickBooks users or install Microsoft Office.


QuickBooks Hosting Pricing

Please select the plan that best suits your needs. If you need help deciding which QuickBooks or FileMaker Hosting plan is right for you, give us a call or email us. We will be happy to review the options with you. 

If you need to add additional QuickBooks users to your plan, please contact us to process the order.


Optional QuickBooks Hosting Add-Ons

Contact us to customize your QuickBooks Desktop Hosting plan.

Additional QuickBooks user - $110/month or $1188/year

Add Microsoft Office - $30/month or $324/year per user

Additional options are available with the QuickBooks and FileMaker Hosting

Send Your FileMaker Files

Ready to host your files? Send your QuickBooks company file and/or FileMaker solution safely and securely via our FTP service.

System Requirements

QuickBooks Desktop 2022 - 2024
FileMaker Pro / FileMaker Pro Advanced 19.4 - 2024
FileMaker Server 19.4 - 2024 (if hosting QuickBooks and FileMaker)

Additional Information

Send your QuickBooks and FileMaker files safely and securely via our FTP service. Upload Now

Hosting Support

Productive Computing’s hosting staff works Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) and are available during these hours to address questions and issues. Occasionally, you may need to leave a message and we'll get the request done the same business day or by the next business day.

For hosting emergencies outside of normal business hours, please call 760-510-1200 and you will be forwarded to the hosting engineer on call. There may be a delayed response, but the hosting engineer will troubleshoot the system as soon as possible.


The backup volumes will hold one week of daily backups of your FileMaker files.  When planning the space for your backup volume, you may need additional space for multiple backups.  We (Productive Computing, Inc.) are utilizing unattended backups that run nightly and are stored for six (6) months.