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Our Mission:

Since 1996 our mission has been to help our customers utilize technology to make their operations more organized and efficient. Our trained and certified staff listen to the issues our customers want to fix, accomplish or avoid and we apply a common sense business approach that provides the highest return on investment.

How It All Started:

Founded by two brothers from a small town in New Hampshire, Marc and Keith Larochelle moved to California to create a software company. Within 5 short years they built exactly that and it is one of the premier FileMaker Pro development firms and product manufacturers within industry. But don’t take our word for it, in 2001 this distinctive accomplishment was marked by the company earning the highly respected and exclusive Platinum level membership within the FileMaker Business Alliance. This title, held only by a select few companies in the world, has been maintained continually since then and is reviewed annually by FileMaker, Inc. to ensure only the highest caliber expertise and most honest and trustworthy companies hold the title.

What Sets Us Apart:

We have spent years refining our business processes to meet our customers high expectations – and continue to do so. We have assembled the finest team of developers, consultants and admin staff who work together to bring years of collective experience and training to bear on a customer project. We have developed one of the most comprehensive suites of business products and services to address almost any customer technology requirement. With all these differentiating factors, skills and tools available at our immediate disposal, we are able to take the best tool to hone in and solve customer problems.

Who We Serve:

Our customers range from the 5 person small office to entire divisions in fortune 500 enterprises. What is common to each of them is that they are all looking for a solution to a problem that saves or makes more money than it costs and that is what we deliver no matter what size the customer is.

How We Do It - It really is a simple formula:

1) Capability Through Experience and Training – We have been in business long enough to have designed many different types of systems for many different types of industries. We know what to do and when to do it and chances are we even have a framework already built to support a need you might have. And of course we require our staff to be certified experts on the tools they will use to build your solution.
2) Measured Return on Investment – Every new project starts with a business consultation. It is important for your organization and ours to learn the value of what it is you are trying to accomplish to make sure the solution is cost effective and makes common business sense. Without this information the decision to invest in a solution is an uninformed guess and not a well thought out business decision.
3) Your Best Interest is Our Best Interest – We are looking for long term relationships, not the quick sell. We want your business to flourish and grow as a result of our relationship and we are striving for you to value our relationship as a key competitive advantage over your competition.

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What People say About us

"I love the new calendar for the projects. I am so happy and now our members can really see our projects at at glance."

"I was able to show a teacher that they had made an error, and that the database is operating just fine. Really saved my neck on that one. "