FileMaker Certification Course News

June 16, 2021

Are you considering taking the FileMaker Certification exam?

We understand that the Developer Essentials for Claris FileMaker Exam can be difficult to study for and a challenge to pass. Even if you are a seasoned developer working with FileMaker for years, you still may find that there are unseen areas in your knowledge because you may not come across every aspect of the platform on a regular basis. That’s why we originally created the FileMaker Certification Preparation course. This course allows you to see all the different aspects and all the different areas covered by the test as you prepare for the exam.

You'll be happy to know that we continue to improve our course offerings with new courses, updated lessons, and of course the all-in-one Productive Computing University Bundle to further your knowledge, prepare, and advance your career. And when it comes to the FileMaker Certification exam, the keyword here is "prepare".

Here is a look at our recent updates to the FileMaker Certification Preparation course, including the new FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course, and how these can help you in your FileMaker Certification journey.


Practice for the exam with the new FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course! 

As you venture further into your FileMaker Certification journey, we’re thrilled to announce the new FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course.

We’ve designed the course to be at a similar difficulty level to the official FileMaker exam. With this course, you’ll get access to 200 sample questions where you work through a series of “quizzes” representing each area of the exam. Take these quizzes as many times as you want and you’ll be presented with a percentage score each time. Answers along with associated links to learn more about each question are also provided.

Please note that we don’t have copies of the actual exam questions, but we do our best to present these questions in a similar style and manner that you would typically see on a FileMaker Certification Exam.

Enrolling in the FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course can help boost your confidence and study smarter!

How it works

Sign up for the FileMaker Certification Sample Questions course.

  • Take a series of quizzes organized by the knowledge domains of the actual FileMaker exam.
  • See which questions you answered correctly. Productive Computing University includes links to files, images, or documents for every answer so you can understand where the correct answer came from.
  • Review the course and questions as many times as you want before test day.

Don’t retake the certification exam over and over. Enroll in the FileMaker Sample Questions course to boost your confidence and help you feel better prepared to take the exam.

FileMaker Certification Preparation course has been updated for FileMaker 19! 

We’ve updated the FileMaker Certification Preparation course for FileMaker 19, clarifying lessons so you feel prepared for the new FileMaker exam. This exam preparation course is divided into chapters that concisely cover all sections of the exam, including database schema, securing and deploying FileMaker systems, data integration, and more.

Signing up for the FileMaker Certification Preparation course can provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to properly and productively study for the exam and increase your chances of passing.

Experienced developers might study for 20 - 40 hours to pass the FileMaker certification exam. However, passing the test isn’t about putting in the hours: it’s about studying with the right tools under your belt.

What are people saying about the prep course?


"Marc does a great job of demonstrating FileMaker's various ODBC connection methods. This is stuff I have little need for in my own work, but it's important for the certification test, so it's super helpful."


"Thanks for putting this course together. It was helpful and I felt confident after finishing the course that I would pass the test, which I then did. :-)"."


"The course is excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone considering taking the FileMaker Certification exams. It brings together the huge amount of material required to pass the exam in an easy-to-use format. The teaching is straightforward and clear. There is a mass of information here. The bottom line: I am convinced that the course helped me pass the exam. Well worth the money."

We are often asked, "Why should I get certified?"

Getting certified means different things to different people, but we've come up with the main reasons why a person benefits from any kind of certification, especially FileMaker Certification!

First, you immediately gain credibility and increase your marketability. This potentially increases your chances for a promotion or advancement, a chance to earn more money, and employers typically like employees who show effort.

There's also a great deal of personal satisfaction that can come from enhancing your professional development by gaining new skills and knowledge.

Is the course worth the investment?

We think so, but also, our students have confirmed through their experience that it is well worth the investment. And for a few reasons:

  • Having a comprehensive and consolidated source of learning material helps them focus on the process of studying for the exam.
  • Working with a system that tracks progress as they go through the course material helps them stay organized.
  • The systematic approach makes the material more digestible and easy to remember when they sat for this 110-minute test.

This course can save you time in your studies and ensure that you know the entire platform on a deeper level. And has the added benefit of increasing skills needed to handle more complex FileMaker projects.

Are you still wondering if the FileMaker Certification courses
are right for you?

Certifications are the standard in the world of IT and technology. Like many other platforms, FileMaker's certification gives developers a chance to test their mettle and show their skill. Read our blog for more information.

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