BaseElements Mastery Course - Now Released

September 17, 2020

Check out our new BaseElements Mastery course and receive a subscription to BaseElements for FREE!

We are happy to announce the release of the newest course from Productive Computing University called BaseElements Mastery and we’re especially excited about some all-new promos to go along with it!

BaseElements has proven to be one of the most helpful developer tools in analyzing client's systems and providing easy ways to find and work with all the components within a FileMaker file. Working in conjunction with the FileMaker DDR (Database Design Report), it gives you an overview of all the elements in your entire FileMaker file such as layouts, scripts, fields, Global Variables, tooltips, etc. BaseElements tells you what is being used, where it is being used, what is broken, and what is not being used at all.

This 2-hour course covers everything from the basics to the more complex parts of BaseElements - such as:

  • Navigating BaseElements and importing your first DDR
  • Using BaseElements to search and locate objects, scripts, etc.
  • Understanding the alerts for Errors, Warnings, and Performance Issues
  • Working with the Change report
  • Reviewing your Top Call logs from FileMaker Server
  • Using the "Clip Manager" to build a library of your schema for easy copy/paste into your solutions
  • Customizing BaseElements
  • Automating Analysis imports and running from the server
  • Working with practical, real-world examples and use cases
"I’ve recently completed PCU’s Base Elements Mastery course, much to my surprise. I say that because I have found very few video courses that have captured my attention for long enough to get to the end. Usually, they are too long-winded or dull or are ruined by frenetic mouse movements; often the presenters themselves have a monotonic voice that sends you to sleep in mid-stream, and yes; I know that is probably a bad pun, but I’m English so what else would you expect!


This course kept me interested until the very end. Short videos with no fluff, just good information presented extremely well. Not only did I find the course excellent, but it convinced me that I should get BaseElements and use it as my analysis tool which I’ve now done. I’ve already gone back to the course a couple of times to re-watch some of the videos plus I’m using BE all of the time. Thank you Productive Computing University. I’m now looking forward to understanding APIs."


- Michael Rocharde, FileMaker developer and co-host of Fireside FileMaker podcast

Fireside FileMaker Podcast - Analyze This!

BaseElements is a powerful FileMaker analysis tool that has been around since 2006 and is one of the preeminent analysis tools for FileMaker developers.

In this episode of the Fireside FileMaker podcast, guests Marc Larochelle and Nick Orr join John Mark Osborne and Michael Rocharde to discuss BaseElements. This conversation covers the history and evolution of the BaseElements along with discussions about specific features and benefits to developers.

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