Claris FileMaker Pro 2024 – Supercharged WebViewer with WebRTC

Claris FileMaker Pro 2024

Watch our video to look at a new feature in FileMaker 2024: WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications).

WebRTC brings real-time video and chat capabilities directly into your FileMaker solutions. This opens up a world of opportunity in your FileMaker solutions. In this one focused example, we demonstrate how you can embed a Zoom meeting within a FileMaker WebViewer, showcasing the enhanced functionality and seamless integration. Zoom is but one example of an application that requires the advanced capability of RTC in a browser.  Examples of programs today that rely on RTC for real-time communications include the following: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Discord, Google Classroom, Intercom, and Zendesk.

Watch as we compare FileMaker Pro version 2023 with the new FileMaker Pro 2024, highlighting the improved WebViewer’s capabilities. See firsthand how easy it is to host and join a Zoom meeting directly within FileMaker, and imagine the possibilities for your own applications.

Below is a recap of the details discussed in the video.

What is WebRTC?

FileMaker 2024 introduces a new feature in WebRTC, or web real-time communications. It’s the ability for a browser to understand and interpret when communications happen for meetings or for things where there’s an interaction, a video interaction, or a chat interaction.

This innovative capability allows a browser to facilitate real-time interactions, such as video and chat communications, directly within a FileMaker solution.

Enhancing WebViewers with Real-Time Capabilities

Previously, WebViewers in FileMaker allowed users to embed and interact with websites within their FileMaker solutions. For example, in FileMaker Pro version 2023, users could embed a robust and interactive NASA website. This capability showcased the power of WebViewers, but there were limitations regarding real-time communications.

With the introduction of FileMaker 2024, these limitations are addressed. Users can now embed real-time communication tools like Zoom within their WebViewers. To demonstrate this, we compared FileMaker 2023 and FileMaker 2024 side by side.

WebRTC in Action

In the video, we launch a Zoom meeting and attempt to join it using WebViewers in both FileMaker versions. The older version immediately indicated that Zoom might not be supported due to browser limitations. However, the new FileMaker 2024 version prompted us to allow the connection, demonstrating the enhanced capabilities.

By selecting the option to join from the browser within FileMaker, we were able to host and participate in a Zoom meeting directly through the WebViewer. This feature highlights the improved real-time communication support in the latest version.

Practical Applications for WebRTC

The enhanced WebViewer’s ability to support WebRTC opens up numerous possibilities. For instance, in telemedicine applications, practitioners can conduct screen-sharing sessions with patients directly within the app. This functionality allows for additional features and prompts to be integrated seamlessly into the session, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

Whether for business meetings, educational purposes, or telehealth services, the new WebViewer in FileMaker 2024 provides a versatile platform for integrating various communication tools directly within your FileMaker solutions.

The supercharged WebViewer in FileMaker 2024 represents a significant advancement in real-time communication capabilities. Stay tuned for more updates and innovative features as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with FileMaker.

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