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Core CRM Pro - Free FileMaker CRM Template

Explore the benefits of a FileMaker CRM for free!

Great news – our updated Core CRM Pro solution is now available as a free, fully unlocked CRM template!

If you own a business or manage any kind of organization, chances are you have – or need – a CRM, a Customer Relationship Management system. Productive Computing University’s Core CRM Pro is the ultimate free FileMaker CRM template for the Claris FileMaker Community!

The Core CRM Pro is a streamlined FileMaker CRM solution that lets you organize your business in one place, enabling you to keep track of contact information, invoices, events, important documents, and more. This off-the-shelf tool is easy to use and customize to create a system specific to the needs of your business or group.

When you sign up for the free Core CRM Pro course at PCU, you get the fully unlocked Core CRM Pro template file. It is designed to help you manage the vital aspects of your organization or company, using these features:

  • Contacts – maintain customer, vendor & lead information
  • Dashboard – review contacts, sales & events
  • Sales – keep track of estimates & invoices
  • Calendar – manage your team’s schedule
  • Documents – store all customer documents in one place
  • Integration – connect to multiple third-party applications

The free course not only shows how to get started with Core CRM Pro, but also teaches you how to use each module in the CRM.

Core CRM Pro Contacts

The Core CRM Pro template comes pre-configured with integration to several applications. QuickBooks Desktop/Online, Outlook, Exchange, Google, and the Twilio API. The course will show you how to connect and push data with each application using our plug-ins or the texting API.

  • QuickBooks – Using FM Books Connector or FM Books Connector Online you can add and update customer and vendor information, create invoices in FileMaker, and transfer them to your QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online file.
  • Outlook – Using Outlook Manipulator, you can add, modify, or delete contacts or calendar events with an individual Outlook account or 365 account.
  • Exchange – similar to Outlook, however, Exchange Manipulator talks directly to your Microsoft account in the cloud. This option lets you run the plug-in server-side, which gives you the ability to add, edit, and delete data using FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go or FileMaker WebDirect.
  • Google – Using gManipulator, you can add, modify, or delete contacts or calendar events with your Gmail account. 
  • Twilio – Using the Twilio API, you are able to send text messages directly from Core CRM Pro.

The integration options give you a great starting point to use a FileMaker CRM solution to send data directly to these applications. The free Core CRM Pro template is an open file, so you are able to explore more robust integration options on your own or hire us to add more features or functionality.

“We recognize that it is important to offer a free tool to the community to inspire developers and users on all the possibilities FileMaker can offer,” said Marc Larochelle, Productive Computing CEO.

PCU created the free version of Core CRM Pro to provide the community with a way to organize and access data from anywhere using FileMaker Pro on your desktop and FileMaker Go on your iPad. It is a  tool that is easy to use, easy to customize and easy to share and one that is designed for you to manage all the essential aspects of your business or organization. 

And we are offering it as a tool for developers to modify scripts and layouts, have a real-life example for plug-in integration, and to explore the latest FileMaker technology.

The 38 free lessons in the four-hour course offer something for all levels of developers as well as users, as you can go at your own pace. However, it is recommended you have development knowledge of calculations and scripting if you intend to integrate FileMaker plug-ins and APIs.

Also, if you are new to the Claris Platform, check out these previous courses first: A User’s Guide to Claris FileMaker Pro, Claris FileMaker Pro Beginner, and Claris FileMaker Pro Intermediate.

In addition, this course has subtitles available in 12 languages.

Check out the Core CRM Pro free course and template to get started.

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