What is a Webhook?

Using Webhooks with FileMaker and Claris Connect

How do webhooks integrate with the Claris Platform?

What is a Webhook?

A webhook is a method for one system to send real-time data to another system as soon as an event occurs. It functions as an automated notification between applications over the internet. 

And if you are wondering how they compare to APIs, they are similar but webhooks only send data in one direction. They are great “listeners” of data. You set up your webhook to react when something happens on the web. You then can be notified about it.

What is a webhook?

Examples where you may want to use a webhook notification:

  • E-commerce order alert
  • Payment confirmation from your merchant gateway
  • Customer signup on SaaS platform you are using 
  • Manage projects and schedules in a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) device updates – such as using a webhook to turn on the air conditioning when the temperature reaches a certain degree
  • Chatbot integrations
  • Social media mentions
  • Survey responses
  • Ticketing systems updates
  • Calendar events reminders

To create a traditional webhook with a traditional web server can be challenging. Instead, Claris Connect simplifies the webhook process. 

What is a webhook in Claris Connect?

What used to be a labor-intensive journey into the web’s depths becomes a user-friendly experience with Claris Connect. The platform handles most of the complex tasks behind the scenes, allowing developers to focus on the core actions they want to take upon receiving webhooks.

If you want to learn more about Claris Connect and all that it can do regarding webhooks, Claris custom connectors, and more, sign up for the Claris Connect Fundamentals course at Productive Computing University.

See how Claris Connect compares with the traditional Webhook process:

Webhook vs Claris Connect

Watch our latest video to discover how Claris Connect makes setting up and managing webhooks a seamless experience, and how you can leverage this technology to streamline and improve your workflow.

To dive deeper into the world of Claris Connect and webhooks, don’t forget to check out our Claris Connect Fundamentals course available at Productive Computing University. 

It’s time to take your development skills to the next level!

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