Which is right for your integration? Outlook Manipulator or Exchange Manipulator SE?

If you are interested in integrating your FileMaker solution with Microsoft Exchange or Outlook and you have taken a peek at our site, you have probably seen that we offer a plug-in for each. To further muddy the issue – you’ve probably noticed that the Outlook Manipulator works within the Exchange Environment. Check out this blog for more information on which plug-in is right for your integration.

PCI Announces Outlook 2010 Compatibility

San Diego, CA – July 27, 2010 – Productive Computing, Inc. a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, announces the compatibility with Outlook 2010 for the Outlook SendMail, Outlook … Read More

5 Reasons to Connect FileMaker to Outlook

5 Reasons to Connect FileMaker to Outlook         People sometimes ask us the question:  “Why would I want to connect FileMaker to Outlook?”  My reply is, “Why … Read More