Outlook Manipulator and Exchange Manipulator are now One—Bigger, Better, and Ready to Dominate

It’s. Here.

The plug-in you’ve all been waiting for!

Outlook Manipulator v7 is now compatible with Outlook 2016 and Windows 10. But as we subtly hinted at before that is not all that is new. Outlook Manipulator and Exchange Manipulator are now one— and this expanded plug-in is ready to take your business to a whole new level.

Outlook Manipulator v7 allows FileMaker® Pro to communicate with Microsoft® Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Mail, and Notes. This plug-in can be used with a user’s default folder in the stand-alone version of Outlook, as well as public and shared folders within an Exchange or Office 365 environment. This updated plug-in also gives FileMaker Pro the added power to communicate with any Exchange mailbox. Pretty powerful, if we do say so ourselves!

Still unconvinced? Check out the infographic below to learn about some of the common uses for Outlook Manipulator v7:

Additional Goodies. The plug-in also offers the following features:
- Send e-mail “On Behalf Of” or “From” another user
- Send meeting requests to required or optional attendees
- Display Outlook records from the FileMaker interface
- Save messages as .msg files
- Access recurrence patterns

Added Exchange functionality includes:
- E-Mail: Send e-mail “On Behalf Of” or “From” another user in the Exchange environment
- Exchange Mailbox: Larger enterprise organizations can now push or pull data between FileMaker and Exchange via Outlook and access any exchange mailbox for any user on the system
The Outlook Manipulator plug-in starts at $120 per user/ per year.

In need of multiple seats? We have 5, 10, and 25 seat packages available – as low as $78 per user.

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