3 Reasons to move FileMaker to the cloud

For those of you who are still using on-premises servers, eventually you will be faced with the choice of replacing/upgrading your aging FileMaker Server hardware or moving it into the cloud. Here are 3 reasons to consider why you should move your on-premise FileMaker server to the cloud:

Less Hassle to Install and Configure

If you have ever installed and set up FileMaker Server before, configured the SSL certificate, and opened up firewall ports, you know it takes time and experience. There’s also a hard cost in the hardware to purchase and the labor to maintain, patch, and monitor it over time. Amortize the costs and put these maintenance burdens on professionals who do these setups every day instead of struggling through it once every few years yourself.

Still prefer to DIY? Get the training you need with PCU’s Mastering FileMaker Server course. This course is a complete guide covering lessons from installing to maintaining your server.

Active Monitoring

Have you had a professional FileMaker developer evaluate your backup strategy and frequency to see if it’s adequate to save you from a crash? How often do you review your backups to make sure they’re running as scheduled? Are your backups stored separately from your server location? How often do you place your backups in a place that isn’t also on the same server or under the same roof? How often do you check if your hard drive is running out of room or if the file size is getting too large to recover in a crash? Do you know what your CPU utilization is?

These are the questions you will never have to worry about when hosting your FileMaker Server in the cloud with us. Why? Because we monitor these results every day, all day, and can handle issues before you even know there is one.

On-call Expertise

Have you ever struggled with a script or calculation and wished you could just have a quick bit of advice from an expert? You know you’ll eventually figure out the answer but why burn up all that time when an expert is only a phone call away?

Similar to a patient/doctor relationship, over time your physician and your chart build a history that allows them to talk with you on the phone, fill prescriptions and do all sorts of efficient diagnoses because they know you. Hosting is no different and is a foundational element in your overall FileMaker story. Hosting with a professional FileMaker consultancy like PCI is the first step in building a relationship with a FileMaker doctor, waiting on call, should you need them.

PCI can host FileMaker Server for you, in the cloud. We can get you up and running quickly and will handle everything from setting up and monitoring regular backups to software updates. You never have to think about it. It’s just done.

Read more about FileMaker hosting and why it might be the right solution for you.

If you’re ready to make a change now, contact us to schedule your free FileMaker hosting consultation.

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