iCal Manipulator Version Now Available—So What’s New?


Our iCal Manipulator plug-in, hereinafter referred to as iCal Manip, was first released on April 6, 2010, and to celebrate its five and almost a half year Birthday, we’re proud to announce that the newest version is now available! So how did we improve a plug-in that’s been around for over half a decade? Read on to find out…

How it works:

iCal Manip provides a bidirectional data exchange using nothing more than FileMaker script steps. You can use our iCal Manip plug-in to eliminate double entry and directly connect FileMaker with Apple Calendar.

Awesome features you can use in our updated demo file to integrate iCal Manip with your solution:

- With iCal Manip you can quickly push and pull calendars, reminders, and events with the simple click of a button. This plug-in also allows for selective imports. When pulling events or reminders from Apple Calendar, you can select a specific calendar, type of reminder or event, and the completion or due date—and it will only import those items that match your request.


- You have the ability to create, edit, and delete your calendars, events, and reminders directly in FileMaker.

- iCal Manip can even handle recurring events! So go ahead—schedule that weekly meeting for the next five years. However, please note that the plug-in does not support events that occur on a specific week each year, so we can’t help you remember that you have that timeshare in Belize on the 32nd week of the year.

- You can also read and write to any calendar in your Apple Calendar, regardless of what account it resides under. This includes the local calendar, iCloud, Exchange, Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, CalDav and more!

- Mobility is key in this generation, so of course you’ll have access to events and tasks on the go, if you’ve synced your mobile device with your Apple Calendar.

So what’s new?

- We’re now compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and we’re FikeMaker Pro 14, 64-bit certified.

- We’ve updated our demo file! You know the feeling you get when you put on that perfect outfit? Well that’s how we feel about our demo’s new, sleek design!

- And this is what we’re most excited about: You can create alarms for events or tasks that will alert you on your desktop or mobile device (via your Apple Calendar/ Reminders). Now you’ll never forget about that meeting, miss that important deadline, or accidentally skip the next company party.

iCal_Alarms- Last but not least, you’ll appreciate the fact that we’ve created iCal Manip with the latest Apple tools and technologies for maximum under the hood performance and efficiency.


Check out what is new for yourself by heading over to our website and downloading the demo!

For more information: Contact Sales@productivecomputing.com or call us at (760) 510-1200.