5 Ways Our FileMaker Development Team Can Help Your Business

FileMaker Development

85% of SMBs say technology makes them more successful. But there’s such a thing as technology overload in any organization—this means businesses have to use software resources thoughtfully to streamline their workflow.

Inefficient software is bogging down your business. From data input errors to security breaches and outdated applications, your team is dealing with plenty of obstacles to productivity.

Fortunately, FileMaker doesn’t have to be an organizational roadblock. FileMaker is incredibly customizable, which gives experts like Productive Computing the ability to make life easier for your team. When it’s time to revamp your business, trust Productive Computing’s 5 FileMaker Development services to get ahead.

1 - FileMaker Development Expertise

Whether you need minor changes or help with a development project, Productive Computing’s team is here to help you get more value out of FileMaker. Trust our experts to:

  • Fix functionality issues.
  • Make small improvements.
  • Review your scripting.
  • Give recommendations.

Whether you’re a FileMaker developer or a user, our team removes roadblocks, improves functionality, and helps you overcome programming hurdles. Our certified team puts 20+ years of experience to work for general support issues, like bug fixes or development questions.

But if you find yourself completely at a standstill, you’re unable to access FileMaker, or you lost a lot of data and don’t know why, our team is here to help. See how Productive Computing’s Emergency Code Red Support can help.

2 - FileMaker Integration

Are you linking other applications to FileMaker? If not, now’s the time to start. FileMaker can integrate with any application that has an API, allowing you to push data between your favorite applications for:

  • Accounting: Remove the need for manual data entry with a QuickBooks integration.
  • Shipping: Eliminate the need to pass shipping documents between different parties. We integrate FileMaker with providers like Stamps.com, UPS Worldship, and ShipStation for faster shipping.
  • Payment Processing: Capture credit card information with just one click through Square, PayPal, Stripe, and more to significantly reduce data entry errors.

Instead of asking your team to jump between a handful of applications throughout the day, FileMaker streamlines your workflow. Keep your team more focused and efficient with popular FileMaker app integrations through Productive Computing.

3 - FileMaker Packaged Services

Sometimes you need more than a one-off service. Productive Computing offers low-cost packages for specific services. Address security, stability, or user experience with one of our tailored packages:

  • Security: Know that your FileMaker platform is secure. Our team of certified FileMaker developers will not only install your SSL certificate but also audit your security to keep you safe.
  • FileMaker Health Assessment: We know that legacy applications don’t run like they used to. A Health Assessment is a must if you’re experiencing crashes, poor performance, or if your solution just isn’t manageable anymore. Our FileMaker experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your solution and provide a full report with recommendations.
  • User experience improvements: With a platform like FileMaker, you need to have an intuitive user interface. Productive Computing’s experts create a concept for your user interface so your team spends less time on training and more time taking care of business.
  • Server installation: Many consultants aren’t FileMaker experts. But our certified developers know the platform. We install the FileMaker Server software on your server and configure it for optimal performance from the start.

4 - FileMaker Maintenance Support Program

Just like a car, FileMaker runs best with regular tune-ups. That’s why Productive Computing offers FileMaker maintenance.

With three levels of support to choose from, you pay a flat monthly fee for maintenance. Get a dedicated team to:

  • Resolve unexpected bugs.
  • Make small changes.
  • Provide consultations on best practices.
  • Keep your solution running well.

If you’re trying to do more with a smaller staff, you can avoid unexpected expenses with proactive maintenance that keeps your FileMaker platform at its best.

5 - FileMaker Custom Development & Consultation

Do you want to add a new feature set, integrate FileMaker with another application, or build your app from scratch? Instead of spending hours trying to build it yourself, trust Productive Computing’s certified FileMaker developers. We take the time to understand your needs so we can provide the best recommendations.

The FileMaker platform is flexible and allows you to personalize it to your business’s exact needs. Our team helps you improve productivity, whether you need to:

  • Expand your existing FileMaker platform.
  • Create a new module or feature set in FileMaker.
  • Customize your current FileMaker app.
  • Build a solution from scratch.
  • Start with Core CRM Pro and modify it to suit your needs.
  • Customize FileMaker.
  • Integrate with another application via a custom API.

Sometimes an off-the-shelf solution isn’t enough. Avoid rework and streamline your workflow with custom FileMaker development tailored to your needs. With custom development, we can help you manage your business the way you need it to run.

The bottom line

FileMaker is a platform with nearly infinite possibilities. However, you need to use the platform in a way that complements your organization’s goals. Productive Computing helps businesses get the most out of their investment in FileMaker. Our FileMaker experts can help you do more with fewer resources, creating smart solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Check out our FileMaker Development services now to save time, streamline your workflow, and run a better business.