How a FileMaker Maintenance Support Program Can Work for You

FileMaker Support (MSP)

Your business relies on your FileMaker solution, which means that when it needs an upgrade or a major overhaul, you can't put it off. These types of big projects are exactly what the Custom Development Team at PCI works on every day.

But what about…everything else?

Time and time again, we see clients with wishlists that get deprioritized in favor of just keeping things running. A new button, a report that's easier to read, a portal upgrade -- these are the things that always hang out at the bottom of the to-do list. But the truth is that fixing some of the irksome issues that you've learned to live with could have a huge impact on your day-to-day workflow and ultimately on your bottom line.

That's where our Maintenance Support Program comes in.

"Productive Computing and the Maintenance Support Program are excellent on both quality and quick turn-around!"

-- Tom Booth, owner, BoothBuilt Patio Products

What is the Maintenance Support Program?

With the Productive Computing Maintenance Support Program (MSP), you can submit an unlimited number of requests each month, all for one monthly fee. As long as each request takes less than 2 hours to complete, the MSP developers will work with you to correct minor bugs, small stumbling blocks or add wishlist features, like a button or a portal.

Clients enrolled in the Maintenance Support Program will have access to a client portal to submit their requests and questions. Upon first enrolling in the program, you will receive an orientation about the portal and the program.

For our clients that either don’t have an internal developer or have one who could use an extra set of hands with maintaining the system along with his or her other duties, the MSP can be a game changer. You can make those updates that you've been meaning to do for ages, giving your team the ability to be more efficient and focus more energy on serving your customers.

By working with developers via the MSP, you can be confident that the people you're working with not only have the skills necessary to get the job done, they already know and care about your business. Having a team of developers at your fingertips who know what's important to you can save you a ton of time – instead of onboarding brand new developers every time you have a request.


"Thank you for being a great ongoing development and support partner. ... The name MAINTENANCE program does not do it justice!"

-- David Sears, CEO, PrintResource

How the MSP Works for You

The MSP is a great option for many organizations that rely on FileMaker to keep things running but don’t have the resources to have their own in-house team of FileMaker specialists. Following are just a few of the most important ways that our MSP can help your business.

Avoid Emergencies

No one wants to deal with the headache of an unexpected FileMaker crash, especially since they always seem to happen at a critical time for your business. Our MSP, coupled with the free health assessment that all MSP subscribers get, can help protect you from emergency situations. We’ll be working to make sure your system is stable and healthy all the time so you won’t face any unexpected emergencies – or the related costs.

Enhance Security & Backups

Many clients choose to leverage the MSP to make long overdue security updates. Our MSP developers can keep your FileMaker app secure with properly encrypted files, up-to-date SSL certificates, clearing out old user accounts, and making professional security recommendations. We can also ensure that your backups are running smoothly and configured to provide you the most coverage should you ever need to use one.

Tackle Your Wishlist

Every business owner has their fair share of things they would do to improve their workflow…if they ever had a spare moment. We know that so many organizations that rely on FileMaker know it could work better for them with a few tweaks. The MSP is here to make those tweaks. You can submit as many requests as you like for one low monthly fee – and as long as they take less than two hours for our development team to complete, there is no additional cost.

Free Consulting

Not sure what else your solution could be doing to make your life easier? Our maintenance team can provide you free consulting on your existing solution or workflow to make sure you are maximizing what the FileMaker platform can do for you and your business.

MSP subscribers also get a discount when our Custom Development team needs to be involved, so any request that goes over the two-hour threshold will still be discounted.

Click here to discover all that MSP can do for your team.


Claim Your Free Health Assessment

Every subscriber to the MSP is eligible for a free FileMaker Health Assessment. If you’ve been ignoring warning signs or red flags from your FileMaker system – like slowdowns or glitches – now is the time to get those under control.

During your free health assessment, our developers will take a deep dive into your server and system and uncover any issues that may not be immediately apparent. From there, we will make recommendations of areas that can be fixed. Most of the time, these fixes fall under the purview of the MSP, and we can start working on them right away.

Contact our sales department today to learn more about how the MSP could help your organization have the best, most efficient FileMaker solution possible.

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