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FileMaker 15 Compatibility Update: Plug-ins and Solutions

May 11th, 2016

I am sure you have been following the FileMaker 15 release updates as closely as we have, so I know you’re just as excited to hear that we’re FileMaker 15 compatible as we are to announce it!

Here at PCI, we’ve been hard at work testing and developing to make sure that your favorite PCI plug-in (or solution) is FileMaker 15 compatible. To the extent that we could, we wanted to ensure that you experienced little hesitation and headache when making the decision to upgrade.

Please see below for a full list of our products that are now compatible with FileMaker 15. As we’re always innovating, we invite you to peruse the entire list—maybe there is something new that could be of benefit to you!

FileMaker Licensing: Purchase FileMaker Pro 15 today! Being Platinum Partners with FileMaker, Inc. we are able to work directly with FMI’s sales team to secure better pricing on new FileMaker Pro licenses and maintenance contract renewals than what customers have access to on their own.

Core4: A customizable CRM solution that allows users to efficiently manage areas including: contacts, calendars, tasks, correspondence, sales opportunities, estimates, invoices, inventory, projects, reports, and more.

Vessel Service Solutions: A vertical solution for the marine assistance industry that operates as a virtual command center to manage vessel assistance orders.

Outlook Manipulator: Exchange data with Microsoft® Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Mail, and Notes for the “user’s” default folder, public, and shared folders within the Exchange Environment and with any Exchange mailbox.

FM Books Connector: Connect QuickBooks® to your FileMaker solution and save time and energy by eliminating double entry of contacts, invoices, or sales transactions.

123sync: Accelerate the development of a personalized QuickBooks integration with your existing FileMaker solution.

FM Books Connector Online: Using QuickBooks Online? You can reap all of the benefits of connecting your FileMaker solution to your QuickBooks Online file.

Address Book Manipulator: Exchange data dynamically between FileMaker Pro and Macintosh’s Address Book in a “one-to-many” format that handles group and individual contacts, multiple addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails.

iCal Manipulator: Provides a bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Apple Calendar / Reminders eliminating double entry and syncing FileMaker Pro with any iCal supported calendar type. Please download latest plug-in to ensure compatibility.

eSign Signature Capture: Decrease labor and processing time of your standard forms and increase security for your organization by capturing signatures and binding them to information stored in your FileMaker solution.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader: Allow for fast identification and secure verification capabilities that enable your FileMaker solution to recognize individual users without requiring passwords or card swipes.

PDF Manipulator: Search text contained within a PDF document, extract data from PDF form fields, create a searchable document management system, and process forms faster by eliminating the need to hand key information into your solution.

Change Printer: Automatically change printers, set optional printing attributes, coordinate large and complex print procedures, and switch between various types of printers/drivers such as: inkjet, laser, label, and PDF – all from your FileMaker solution. Please download latest plug-in to ensure compatibility.

File Manipulator: Access, copy, move, rename or delete files and folders, as well as compress/extract and encrypt/decrypt file data directly from your FileMaker solution.

For more information on compatibility or product details please contact or call (760) 510 -1200.

Using FileMaker Pro to Run a Business is the Software Industry’s Best Kept Secret

February 16th, 2013

FileMaker Pro is an affordable software program that provides a streamlined platform through which businesses can manage and organize various types of information and communications. FileMaker Pro software is based on the customer relationship management (CRM) business model, which simply means that it is a type of business automation and synchronization rooted in sales.

FileMaker Pro is superior to other types of CRM software (programs used for streamlining business management) because its user-friendly interface is easy to adapt to and work with. The program itself is meant to be customized according to each business’s unique needs. It provides a framework for CRM system management, but comes with the ability to easily modify the platform for individual businesses.

The FileMaker Pro platform can be modified in several ways:

Removing non-applicable features. Other CRM software solutions come with a number of features that the developers assume a majority of businesses will need and use. Often, this leaves a business with needless and/or confusing extras that only seem to get in the way. But FileMaker Pro is customizable; any unwanted features can be removed.

Install useful plug-ins. A QuickBooks plug-in for FileMaker seamlessly integrates QuickBooks into the system, rather than keeping the application separate from the system. This gives appropriate users instant access and makes recordkeeping automatic.

Create plug-ins for unique features. This is where FileMaker Pro can really benefit innovative businesses. Software developers can create custom FileMaker plug-ins that meet a business’s unique needs. For example, the ability to gather electronic signatures is something more businesses are interested in as paperwork becomes a thing of the past. E-signature plug-ins provide the necessary programming and integrate signatures directly into the management database.

Custom apps for mobile devices. iPads and iPhones can run FileMaker software too. Custom-built apps are suited to the business’s needs, and to the practical needs of using a mobile device. Custom solutions can be created and implemented in a number of hours through the user-friendly interface.

Another major advantage provided by the flexibility of FileMaker Pro is the ability to communicate and interact effectively with other systems. Streamlining business communication and information keeps everyone who uses the system on the same page, regardless of how they get there. Whether employees access the system through Windows, Mac, iPad, or iPhone, they all view and interact with the system in the same way.

Why is FileMaker Such a Well-Kept Secret?

Even with a force as big as Apple behind FileMaker software development (FileMaker Inc. is a daughter company of Apple Inc.), it is still widely under-recognized.

Hundreds of CRM software developers stand a lot to lose if FileMaker begins to dominate the market the way some of Apple’s other products have. Some of these bigger developers put just as much money into marketing against FileMaker as they do into developing their own products.

Like many Apple products, the public may mistakenly assume that FileMaker Pro is designed for the elite. On the contrary, FileMaker is extremely affordable when it comes to professional business software. The cost of maintenance for CRM solutions is one of their chief criticisms, but FileMaker continues to save businesses money through the ability to be customized and modified by everyday users.

Another big reason FileMaker Pro hasn’t seen more widespread use is that that the software is simply misunderstood. Although it uses templates and has a user-friendly interface, the task of understanding, installing, modifying, and implementing a new database is a daunting task to most businesses.

Indeed, getting a software program like FileMaker up and running, customizing it to meet specific business needs, and training the sales force and other departments to use it is a task. But it is an investment. This upfront effort pays off exponentially when businesses begin to use it and streamline all of their tasks and information, ultimately saving a lot of time and money consistently in the long run.

Because FileMaker Pro is meant to be customized to each business’s needs, we use the program as a template for developing completely customized business management systems that streamline sales, accounting, recruiting, management, and customer relationships into one system that tracks and records all information, in addition to providing universal access on any device from any location with secure Internet access.

It’s hard to say precisely why; sometimes, it’s simply the best things that are kept under the radar!

A New System for Superior Efficiency

January 28th, 2013

Nth Generation Computing, Inc. hosts over 25 Special Events each year including an annual 3-day technical symposium.  Nth’s Special Events bring customers together with industry analysis, technical experts, and introduction of new technologies.  These events offer all attendees the valuable elements of both networking and education.

Although Nth was faced with a problem―they were using separate systems to manage their event registrations.  Registrants would have to enter their information on a web page with a static ASP form, and subsequently an e-mail would be sent to Nth’s marketing department.  The marketing department would then have to find the registrants in a contact file, manually add them if they didn’t exist, and finally register them in the FileMaker system.  The company needed a way to convert their existing web registration into a FileMaker back end to interface with the rest of the marketing process and database.  Nth had never used web applications with a FileMaker database before, so this was inevitably going to be a challenge for them.  This is when Productive Computing, Inc. was contacted to help solve the problem.

Utilizing custom development and programming techniques, PCI was able to integrate FileMaker Pro with Nth Generation’s event web registration.  The end result proved to be highly beneficial to Nth.  A substantial amount of time was saved during the registration process for all parties involved.  Registration results turned out to be far more immediate, efficient, and accurate compared to the manual system they had previously used.  Considerable amounts of labor and overhead were saved since Nth had made the change.

“The new web registration system you guys built for us is saving us from having to hire two people. That’s huge!” —Rich Baldwin, President, Nth Generation Computing, Inc.

Not only was Nth excited about the quick registration aspect, they were also pleased with various other features of their new system.  Using PCI’s Outlook Manipulator plug-in for FileMaker, registrants were automatically sent convenient Outlook calendar items and reminders.  Furthermore, qualification and dynamic survey features gave the company a valuable summary of their client base.  Nth’s new registration system offered just what they needed―built-in flexibility with customization based on event data.


About Nth Generation Computing, Inc.:

Nth Generation Computing, Inc. has been providing technical consulting and IT infrastructure solutions for enterprise-class organizations since 1987.  They are a full-service IT engineering firm dedicated to helping clients protect, access, and manage their enterprise data.  Nth’s customers range from Fortune 500 companies to mid-tier organizations across many industries. All share the need to protect mission critical information while maintaining rapid, reliable, and secure access.

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