A New System for Superior Efficiency

Nth Generation Computing, Inc. hosts over 25 Special Events each year including an annual 3-day technical symposium.  Nth’s Special Events bring customers together with industry analysis, technical experts, and introduction of new technologies.  These events offer all attendees the valuable elements of both networking and education.

Although Nth was faced with a problem―they were using separate systems to manage their event registrations.  Registrants would have to enter their information on a web page with a static ASP form, and subsequently an e-mail would be sent to Nth’s marketing department.  The marketing department would then have to find the registrants in a contact file, manually add them if they didn’t exist, and finally register them in the FileMaker system.  The company needed a way to convert their existing web registration into a FileMaker back end to interface with the rest of the marketing process and database.  Nth had never used web applications with a FileMaker database before, so this was inevitably going to be a challenge for them.  This is when Productive Computing, Inc. was contacted to help solve the problem.

Utilizing custom development and programming techniques, PCI was able to integrate FileMaker Pro with Nth Generation’s event web registration.  The end result proved to be highly beneficial to Nth.  A substantial amount of time was saved during the registration process for all parties involved.  Registration results turned out to be far more immediate, efficient, and accurate compared to the manual system they had previously used.  Considerable amounts of labor and overhead were saved since Nth had made the change.

“The new web registration system you guys built for us is saving us from having to hire two people. That’s huge!” —Rich Baldwin, President, Nth Generation Computing, Inc.

Not only was Nth excited about the quick registration aspect, they were also pleased with various other features of their new system.  Using PCI’s Outlook Manipulator plug-in for FileMaker, registrants were automatically sent convenient Outlook calendar items and reminders.  Furthermore, qualification and dynamic survey features gave the company a valuable summary of their client base.  Nth’s new registration system offered just what they needed―built-in flexibility with customization based on event data.


About Nth Generation Computing, Inc.:

Nth Generation Computing, Inc. has been providing technical consulting and IT infrastructure solutions for enterprise-class organizations since 1987.  They are a full-service IT engineering firm dedicated to helping clients protect, access, and manage their enterprise data.  Nth’s customers range from Fortune 500 companies to mid-tier organizations across many industries. All share the need to protect mission critical information while maintaining rapid, reliable, and secure access.

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