Vessel Service Solutions V New Features

The newest version of our FileMaker vertical solution, Vessel Service Solutions, has just hit the shelf and we’re happy to report that there are a lot of new features in version


First and foremost, we have a brand new Calendar module!

This calendar supports a month, week, day, and list view for easy planning.  Users have the ability to filter events by their category or by the user assigned to the event.

Color coding and categories are customizable and editable in VSS’s Preferences module.

The VSS calendar can also be set up to import events from a Google Calendar. It is important to note that, at this time, VSS can only connect to one Gmail account and its associated calendar, but it does not need to be the same account to which you receive towing cases from BoatU.S.

All tow orders will be automatically added to the calendar for convenient tracking and future planning.

Personnel Records

We’ve beefed up our personnel tab. Now you can track employees’ certifications, training, and other necessary qualifications including date acquired and date expired.

Not only can you still track day and night hourly rates for your employees, but you can track commission percentages, all of which will auto-populate when an employee creates a timesheet in the system.

VSS has always had the ability to make employee accounts “inactive”, revoking their ability to enter and use the system, but still keeping their record in the system for tracking and historical purposes. Now you can conveniently hide these inactive records to clean up your personnel list.  

Boat Component Tracking

New in version, you can now track components for each boat in your fleet - allowing captains to track engine hours for multiple engines on a boat.

Unpaid Timesheet Report

We’ve added a new report to our existing 12 reports. Quickly find out which timesheets are still unpaid and outstanding.

New Training Videos

To help our clients get up and running with VSS and to help existing clients train a new employee (or brush up on the system’s functionality), we’ve updated all of our training videos!

Check them out!

Support for Cases over 24 Hour

We know that every now and then you get a loooong case. VSS supports cases that are over 24 hours. You can accurately bill BoatU.S. or the client and your captains can easily create timesheets for their hours.

Maintenance Schedules

In VSS you can create maintenance schedules for oil changes, tune-ups, etc. and now you can easily track when those maintenances are due based upon an engine’s hours or based upon a set number of days between maintenances.

Track Battery Level
When adding a fuel log, captains can now record the boat’s battery level and add notes if necessary.

Maintenance Due Notifications

Previous versions of VSS would notify a user via a pop-up that a maintenance was due for a boat if the user was logging a fuel log for the boat.  Now the system will notify the user via pop up and users can elect to receive text or email notifications (or both!) when maintenance are due on a boat.

Check out for more details on this solution.