Grow your FileMaker development skills with Productive Computing University’s FileMaker Training Courses

We’re proud, delighted, and downright tickled to announce the launch of Productive Computing University, which we fondly refer to as PCU. Please note: this acronym is a product of our marketing department’s creativity (or lack thereof). Any resemblance to a hokey 90s movie, beloved or hated, is purely coincidental.

PCU is our own FileMaker training site offering comprehensive training courses for Productive Computing related products.

Most of the training will be conducted by our CEO, Marc Larochelle. In the courses, Marc will share his 27 years of FileMaker development experience, as well as the collective knowledge of the FileMaker certified staff here at Productive Computing.  Marc’s courses include in-depth explorations, step-by-step instructions, and helpful programming tips.

 Why did we create PCU?

We decided to create PCU as a way to help our clients better understand our products and integrate our plug-ins. Our desire was to help serve our loyal FileMaker developer customers and provide them with the ability to learn new skills to enhance their professional portfolio. At the end of each major course, students will be provided with a certificate of completion to acknowledge their efforts.

What courses are available?

PCU’s inaugural offering is a six-hour training course on how to integrate FileMaker and QuickBooks Desktop using the FM Books Connector plug-in. This training course is intended for intermediate to advanced FileMaker developers and will step through the process of performing a basic FileMaker QuickBooks integration.

We chose to focus on FileMaker to QuickBooks integrations as our first course for a few reasons:

  1. The FM Books Connector plug-in has long been one of our flagship products.
  2. We strongly believe that businesses who use FileMaker and QuickBooks can greatly benefit from a FileMaker QuickBooks integration.
  3. We have extensive experience with almost all aspects related to FileMaker QuickBooks integrations (plug-ins, custom development, pre-integrated CRM solutions, licensing for both platforms, and, soon to be announced, hosting for both platforms).

We like to say (in a tongue in cheek way) that we “wrote the book” on how to integrate FileMaker and QuickBooks. Now, while we may not have written that book, we certainly have recorded the videos, documented the steps and provided some great script examples.

Watch the video above to learn more about our Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Desktop course.

How will the University grow going forward?

“Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks Desktop” is the first of many training courses we intend to create and make available to the FileMaker community. Soon we will be working on a course for integrating FileMaker with QuickBooks Online via the FM Books Connector Online plug-in, then we’ll dive deep into one of our other products.

We’d also love to hear from you! What courses would you like Marc to do? Comment below with your course requests!

In the meantime, check out Productive Computing University’s site for more information.