Find Data Fast: Improving FileMaker Quick Find Searches

FileMaker Quick Find Searches

There’s a reason why Google owns over 92% of the search engine market: it’s quick, dynamic, and helps users find the information they need. It even suggests and refines searches depending on what you type into the search bar. 

Users have come to expect this kind of efficiency, but if you’re looking for this functionality in FileMaker, it can be tough to set up on your own. However, with the right approach, you can make FileMaker searches easier for both your developers and users. 

Curious about how it all works? 

FileMaker Google Find

How can you make Quick Find searches more dynamic? 

FileMaker solutions come with a search feature called Quick Find to help you look for information in your database. Since FileMaker can house thousands upon thousands of records, Quick Find makes it way easier to find the information you need. 

However, it’s not quite as easy to use as Google. That’s why we started using a dynamic Quick Find method. 

You just type in your query, letter by letter, and FileMaker will refine your search—just like Google. This is huge in the world of FileMaker, making it incredibly quick for your users to find data in the system. 

This Quick Find method works in list view—and it requires some work from your developer to add it to your system—but we think it’s an invaluable tool. In our video lesson “Dynamic Quick Find and FileMaker Portal Filter,” we show developers how to set up this type of search method. We also offer a free downloadable sample file to test to help them get started.  

FileMaker Quickfind

Why should I use a Dynamic Quick Find search method? 

If you aren’t sold on the Quick Find search method, it gives your team the following benefits: 

  • A search process platform that operates similarly to Google, which users are already familiar with.
  • A faster simultaneous search across multiple fields and tables.
  • Visually see the results with highlighted search criteria.

Give Users A Better Experience

By incorporating the Quick Find search methods above, you can make FileMaker much faster and easier to use. With a few changes, you can give your users the speed that they expect from your solution, too.

Ready to see it in action? We offer a free walkthrough and unlocked file for developers to get started. Check out our course, FileMaker Features & Free Resources at Productive Computing University. Sign up now to add these skills to your toolkit as a developer.

For developers interested in speeding up Portal Filters, see how we incorporate the Master Detail in conjunction with a filter. It greatly enhances the speed of your searches in the portals using three letters, keywords, or short text search criteria.

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