TheraQuick: A Design of Power and Splendor

Productive Computing, Inc. has an esteemed reputation for developing custom products for companies of various industries and over a decade of experience producing commercial solutions.  Utilizing the powerful database software tool, FileMaker Pro, PCI has the ability to create customized solutions to meet the unique specifications of any organization.

Dale Stuart, President and owner of StarQuick Solutions, Inc., wanted to find a FileMaker consultant that could assist her with bringing her vision to the market.  Dale spent about two months searching for the right vendor that could provide a wide range of services including technical development and customer sales.  That is when she discovered Productive Computing.  Soon PCI would start work from the ground up providing Dale with a road map of her idea, TheraQuick.  After 1,800 hours and many late nights for both parties involved, TheraQuick was launched on October 15, 2009 to rave reviews.  This state-of-the-art billing and practice management solution was built for mental health professionals and practitioners.  A very rich and comprehensive feature set is available with an unparalleled ease of use.  Customers have praised TheraQuick for both its elegance and power.

“Having an experienced, well-trained support staff that is patient and knowledgable is hard to come by these days. PCI has exceeded my expectations and made my clients very happy with the level of service and knowledge.”

-- Dale Stuart, CEO, StarQuick Solutions, Inc.

Paul Dacanay, a PCI Database Design Specialist, was the lead developer for the project and found that developing TheraQuick was a very gratifying experience.  “Along the way we encountered many challenges that required us to think outside the box in order to develop specific features needed for the system,” stated Paul.  These specific features included EDI data support, product registration, and an automated update module.

“As TheraQuick continues to mature into an increasingly feature-rich, yet user-friendly therapist practice management solution, we look forward to continually offering the caliber of support StarQuick Solutions, Inc. needs as it moves forward for years to come.”

-- Paul Dacanay, Database Design Specialist II, Productive Computing, Inc.

TheraQuick Dashboard Customers love TheraQuick's elegant, aesthetic user interface featuring comprehensive client management, billing, & scheduling features.

In 2009 a strategic collaboration agreement was formed with Productive Computing and StarQuick Solutions.  PCI was to provide a range of services necessary to offer the best possible assistance to TheraQuick users.  Having many years of experience with FileMaker and solution development, Productive Computing was indeed the ideal partner for StarQuick.  “PCI’s previous experience in bringing products to market saved us an enormous amount of time,” said Dale, “Plus it gave me the confidence that it would be done right.”  The Chief Executive Officer at PCI, Marc Larochelle, went on to say, “This collaboration is an example of how Productive Computing can be leveraged to provide a uniquely tailored service to its customers and to the FileMaker community at large.”


About StarQuick Solutions, Inc.:

StarQuick Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2008 by a rocket scientist, software programmer, human factors & interface design expert, and psychologist with assistance from a profoundly intelligent poodle.  The primary goal of StarQuick Solutions is to bring software tools to providers of mental health services in an easy and inviting form.  TheraQuick was designed to be intuitive, aesthetic, practical, and powerful.  StarQuick Solutions exploited their team’s expertise in human factors and human engineering to make TheraQuick work the way people think rather than the way programmers program.

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