Productive Computing, Inc. Releases Outlook SendMail Plug-in to Compete Directly with "ClickYes" Software

San Diego, CA – January 18, 2007 – Productive Computing, Inc., a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, today announced the release of the Outlook SendMail plug-in. The Outlook SendMail Plug-in is the newest addition to the Outlook Manipulator family of plug-ins Productive Computing, Inc. produces that exchange data with Microsoft Outlook in a stand alone Outlook or Exchange Server environment. The Outlook SendMail plug-in is a lower cost version of the Outlook Manipulator plug-in that has a subset of features specifically designed to send mail from FileMaker Pro through Outlook while suppressing the Outlook security dialogs.

“When sending e-mail from FileMaker Pro to Outlook, Outlook will pop open a security dialog that requires the user to acknowledge that a third party application is trying to access Outlook before allowing the e-mail to be sent. While this is a prudent security step from Microsoft’s point of view, it limits FileMaker Pro’s ability to send out mass e-mail campaigns. We recognized that suppressing this security dialog without user intervention while still maintaining the integrity of Outlook’s security functions is a much desired activity – an activity that our competitor “ClickYes” has managed to do for some time.

Our answer was to create a new plug-in that had more features and a lower cost per user. Not only does our new Outlook SendMail plug-in suppress the Outlook e-mail security dialog, but it allows you to send HTML formatted e-mail, send multiple attachments directly from a container field or from a file path, can be deployed to an entire network via FileMaker Server’s auto-update feature and is half the cost of the ‘ClickYes’ commercial license.

Priced at $19.95 per user, our new motto is, ‘Say no to ClickYes’!”
– CEO, Marc Larochelle

The Outlook SendMail plug-in is native to and compatible with FileMaker Pro 7 or later and for use with Outlook 2002 or later and Windows 2000 or later.

Please visit for video tutorials and downloadable demos of the Outlook SendMail plug-in and the entire Outlook Manipulator family of plug-ins for FileMaker Pro.

Productive Computing, Inc. is one of the Partner Level members of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance, a 2000 member organization of professional FileMaker Pro developers. The company specializes in custom database design and FileMaker Pro plug-in development.