PCI Offers New Technology Protection Services

San Diego, CA - June 15, 2009 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, is proud to announce the availability of three important technology protection services - Spam Filtering, Virus Protection and Backup Monitoring.


Spam Filtering

One of the most costly annoyances that an employee has to deal with is the regular ritual of deleting unsolicited advertisement messages. More than an annoyance, it takes time and in business, time costs money.


Many FileMaker Pro solutions use 3rd party plug-ins to directly received e-mail messages into their database for archival or correspondence histories. Our Spam Filtering service filters out Spam and Viruses at the mail server level which allows unwanted e-mail messages to be intercepted before reaching the customer’s mail hosting provider Ð and long before they can get archived into a database.


Virus Protection

Protecting your computers from virus infiltration is another critical preventative measure we can help you with. Many companies implement virus protection on their computers individually but the most efficient and cost effective way to deploy and monitor virus protection is from a networked server where monitoring and maintenance is centrally managed.


Backup Monitoring

A backup system that isn't monitored, isn't a backup system. A backup system is no different than any other computer system in that it will report errors and fail. If you aren't monitoring your backup system at least weekly or preferably daily, then you will never know whether or not your backup system is even running.


FileMaker Server 10 does an excellent job telling you when a backup runs or fails but our inexpensive backup monitoring service technicians will professionally monitor these notifications and take the appropriate actions to fix problems as they occur. This service provides that extra peace of mind for business owners who want to know that their FileMaker Pro data backups are not only being closely watched for failures but are being professionally configured and coordinated under an overall disaster recovery strategy.


Could You Do With A Little Protection?

If you are interested in any of the services listed above please visit our website for more information -  http://www.productivecomputing.com.


About Productive Computing, Inc.

Since 1996, Productive cComputing Inc. has created efficiency through automation by helping its clients increase their productivity via custom database development, plug-ins and packaged solutions as well as providing IT support and web development. Its staff of certified FileMaker developers can assist its customers with creating or customizing a complete technology solution to fit their specific business needs.


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