Integrating FileMaker Pro with Magento Shopping Cart

Productive Computing, Inc. works with COFA Media to deliver a state-of-the-art website for  The website integrates SundryShop's existing FileMaker 11 database combined with FileMaker's "ESS" and "Execute SQL" features to transfer data to and from a Magento based web store engine.  Magento is perhaps one of this most not the most sophisticated and full-featured open source web site / web store engines ever created.  FileMaker is one of the most flexible database engine / front end systems that was already running Sundry's brick and mortar business.  Together the combination is a lethal "one-two punch" that delivers a highly flexible, highly customizable complete business solution for SundryShop.  The amount of integration between these two technologies is unprecedented and to our knowledge the first of its kind on this scale. is a brick and mortar business that buys collections and sells on consignment.  Having sold for more than 17 years, they enjoy over 60% repeat business and strive for high customer satisfaction.  What makes this integration more advanced is that SundryShop simultaneously sells collectibles through Amazon and eBay, their new Magento based website, as well as their own retail storefront.  Having four avenues to sell collectables is effective and necessary but managing the inventory is very difficult for your average Mom and Pop business.  Using FileMaker and the direct integration with the webstore provides a highly efficient operation.  For example, SundryShop might make a particular collectible available on both eBay as well as their main website at the same time.  If a customer were to purchase the item from eBay, that inventory item is updated and automatically removed from the website because there is a direct connection between FileMaker and Magento.