Hottest New FileMaker Pro 11 Features

As your strategic partner and technology advisor, we are very excited to report that the much anticipated FileMaker Pro 11 has been released.  We have outlined some of the hottest new features below.  Included are links to video tutorials to show you how these great new features work.

Charts:  Watch Video
Now your data can take on a whole new dimension with FileMaker Charts in FileMaker Pro 11.  Create eye-catching reports in five different styles including vertical bar, horizontal bar, area, line and pie charts.  Plus, make high-impact web dashboards by publishing your charts to the web using Instant Web Publishing.

Quick Reports: Watch Video
Make reports in a spreadsheet-like fashion and get even more out of your data.  Group and summarize your information on the fly directly in Table View to create professional looking reports.  Easily modify your reports by adding, sorting, or hiding fields and records.

Quick Find: Watch Video
In FileMaker Pro 11 you can search for information just as you would in a web browser.  Enter a word or phrase in the search box and FileMaker Pro will search all fields in your layout-right in Browse mode.  Even customize Quick Find to search only certain layouts or fields.

Snapshot Links: Watch Video
Sometimes you need a report where a set of records stays the same but the details change.  Let's say you want to track the results of sales leads received yesterday.  Create a Snapshot Link file to save a specific set of records at a point in time.  This also preserves the same layout, view, and sort order.  Any changes you make to the file will be updated in the database.  Plus email the Snapshot Link to anyone who has FileMaker Pro 11 for easy collaboration.

Click here to see other new features now available in FileMaker Pro 11.

By utilizing these new features you will be able to get more out of your FlieMaker Pro solution and have greater visibility into your data.  To help celebrate FileMaker Pro 11's release, we are offering a special 5% discount off the retail price for the next 30 days.  Email us for details on FileMaker licensing to get your personalized quote today!