FileMaker Hosting Plans

FileMaker Cloud BYO Cloud Hosting Services on AWS

BYO Cloud Hosting Services

  • Bring Your Own FileMaker Cloud Server - we complete the setup for you
  • Fully Managed FileMaker Cloud Server maintained and monitored by our team
  • FileMaker Server Licensing conveniently purchased through us at a discount
  • SSL Certificate - PCI helps you manage and install your SSL certificate
  • Amazon (AWS) Certified Engineer offers expertise for secure and scalable options
  • FileMaker Certified Developers at your service - we are your outsourced team!

Setup and Consultation


(one-time fee)

The BYO Cloud Setup and Consultation plan
covers the initial setup of your FileMaker Cloud
server on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Our AWS experts and FileMaker Pro certified developers will consult with you to determine your server needs, hosting requirements and handle the entire set up process for you.

Setup and Configuration of your Server
Tailored to your company's specific needs

FileMaker Cloud License Setup
Bring your own license or purchase new

Instance Type Selection
Help you determine your computing power needs

Storage Space Requirements
Help you determine your disk space needs

FileMaker Cloud Dashboard Review

Backup Process Explanation
Review how to preserve a backup

FileMaker Database Upload
Provide tips on database management

Hosted File Connection Instructions
For FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect

Consultation for FileMaker Cloud and AWS
Up to 1 hour of consultation of best practices
for optimal performance

Managed Service

$35/ mo

(when billed annually)

The Managed Service plan includes all labor
associated with maintaining your server.
Our AWS experts and FileMaker Pro certified developers will monitor and maintain your
FileMaker Cloud server so you don’t have to.


Maintenance of your Server
Coordination of OS and FileMaker Cloud updates

FileMaker Cloud License Management
Assistance with adding connections or updating licenses

Instance Adjustments
Upgrade your computing power

Storage Space Expansions
Upgrade your disk space

FileMaker Cloud Dashboard Monitoring

Backup Preservation and Restoration
Help restoring your FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Database Upload
Assistance with database management

Hosted File Connection Assistance
For FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect

Consultation for FileMaker Cloud and AWS
Assistance with questions on basic usability
and best practices

All Plans Include:

Access to PCI's Expert Team

ESS / ODBC / JDBC Access

SSL Certificate Installation (if selecting your own SSL)

Plug-in Installation (Linux based plug-ins only)

Why use the BYO Cloud Hosting Service

FileMaker Cloud, a FileMaker hosting service, is available through the Amazon Web Services Marketplace and provides reliable access to custom apps in the cloud. FileMaker Cloud offers the performance and reliability you have come to expect from the FileMaker Platform without having to spend time and resources deploying and maintaining a traditional on-site server. If you need help understanding how to use FileMaker Cloud or manage the updates, try our BYO Cloud hosting services.

With the BYO Cloud Setup and Consultation, we walk you through the setup process from start to finish with a one-time setup and installation of your FileMaker Cloud hosting account. We help you with the AWS setup, show you how to tailor your cloud server to your specific needs and provide an overview of the FileMaker Cloud Dashboard.

With the Managed Services plan, we provide ongoing monthly management of your FileMaker Cloud server. We manage the OS and software updates, assist with scaling computing power and storage, monitor any outage and warning notifications and maintain the installed SSL certificate.  


BYO Cloud Hosting Service Pricing

Please select one or more of the services below. If you need help deciding which BYO Cloud hosting service is right for you, contact us. We will be happy to review the options with you.


Send Your FileMaker Files

Need us to upload your files to FileMaker Cloud? Send your FileMaker solution safely and securely via our FTP service.

System Requirements

Please review the technical specifications established by FileMaker, Inc.

If you are using older versions of the FileMaker Platform, please ensure compatibility with your preferred OS and your FileMaker Server version.

Additional Information

Send your FileMaker files safely and securely via our FTP service. Upload Now

Hosting Support

Productive Computing’s hosting staff works Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) and are available during these hours to address questions and issues. Occasionally, you may need to leave a message and we'll get the request done the same business day or by the next business day.

For hosting emergencies outside of normal business hours, please call 760-510-1200 and you will be forwarded to the hosting engineer on call. There may be a delayed response, but the hosting engineer will troubleshoot the system as soon as possible.