A Large Manufacturing Company

How an ongoing maintenance program managed to stabilize an aging, unstable FileMaker solution.

A large manufacturing company had been reliant on their FileMaker solution for years, counting on their internal developer to maintain the system as best he could while also attending to other IT duties. However, the changing demands of the business operations began to press up against the limits of this internal team of one. Frequent crashes were making it clear that the system needed some major upgrades.

The Challenge

As with any software, over time what was once top-of-the-line will need to be upgraded. The foundational architecture of this company’s solution was aging, while new needs continued to pile up on top of it. The precarious foundation meant that working on the system at all was slow and risky. Further, the internal developer who was stretched so thin was the only person who knew how the system was built and how it was operating, putting the whole company at risk.

The Solution

The company signed up for the PCI Maintenance Support Program (MSP), which included a free Health Assessment of their FileMaker solution. After the initial assessment, the MSP team was put into action shoring up the unstable system, cleaning out data corruption and reorganizing decades old programming code.

The Health Assessment also allowed the PCI team to familiarize themselves with the system, which means a whole team of developers now knows how the system is built and can act as an insurance policy in case of an emergency.

This large manufacturing company no longer has to fear their next FileMaker system crash...they have a team of FileMaker developers that...can assist in case of any emergency.


This large manufacturing company no longer has to fear their next FileMaker system crash. Instead, they have a team of FileMaker developers that is familiar with their company and can assist in case of any emergency.

While the MSP team was hard at work to keep the system running, our Custom Development team was able to collaborate with the internal developer on creating and executing a plan to rebuild and modernize the system. Since the company had already subscribed to the MSP, they got a nice discount on the project hours needed to rebuild their system to meet their current needs.

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