HR Services & Management

This HR team no longer needs to manage and maintain physical servers in their office and worry about replacements or maintenance. 

The client is a small business that offers HR services and management. As a one-stop-shop for outsourced HR and payroll processing, the client provides seamless HR services that are so in tune with its clients’ needs that even employees can’t tell the difference. Whether a business needs HR augmentation or complete HR management, the client offers a seamless experience thanks to its proprietary software built with the Claris FileMaker platform.  

The Challenge

Because everyone at this small company has to wear many hats, it was difficult for its IT team to manage the business’s technology. The client still had physical servers in its office with just one on the cloud at the time. They wanted to move completely to the cloud so they could worry less about the management of the server hardware, understanding FileMaker Server, and remote access with an IT department of one person. 

The client partnered with Productive Computing for FileMaker Hosting Support... By having their FileMaker management system hosted by PCI, it is one less moving part for the client to worry about.

The Solution

This client partnered with Productive Computing for:

  • FileMaker Hosting support (running on AWS)
  • Discounted FileMaker licensing 
  • Configuring multiple servers in the cloud

Thanks to PCI, the team no longer has to keep physical servers in the office or worry about replacements or maintenance. By having their FileMaker management system hosted by PCI, it is one less moving part for the client to worry about.


The client enjoys greater uptime, less stress, and an improved disaster recovery plan thanks to its partnership with PCI. The client also stays with PCI because of our knowledge of the FileMaker platform as well as the outstanding customer service we provide. PCI responds quickly if there’s an issue, keeping the client’s systems online with fewer problems. The client also appreciates how PCI keeps their team informed about any upcoming FileMaker or operating system updates or changes and how those changes could affect their system—it’s the perfect way to keep this small business going strong. 


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