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FileMaker Software

We are your one-stop provider for FileMaker software. Through our partnership with Claris, we can offer our clients FileMaker licensing at a discount.

As a Claris Platinum Partner member, we're committed to ensuring that you have the rights tools for the job. We will consult with you about your business processes to ensure you're buying the right FileMaker software for your needs. We talk about the various licensing options in this blog, but we would be happy to consult with you to determine the best plan for your business.

Through special promotions and our own dedication to customer satisfaction, we can license the FileMaker Platform for you at the best price. If you need FileMaker Pro annual pricing with FileMaker Server - or want to purchase a perpetual license - we've got you covered.

Purchase your FileMaker software - FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Data API, FileMaker WebDirect, and FileMaker Cloud - through Productive Computing to ensure you receive the best price!

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QuickBooks Software

As an Advanced Solution Provider we can offer our clients discounts on QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and QuickBooks Online licensing.

If your needs extend beyond QuickBooks licensing, we can resell any Intuit product, including Point of Sale hardware and software, Intuit Payroll, and QuickBooks Accountant licensing.

Our clients can get their QuickBooks licensing at a discount and we will beat any advertised price. If you have unique license requirements or don't see what you are looking for on our website - give us a call! We'll work with you to get you what you want at the best price.


Additional FileMaker and QuickBooks Resources

FileMaker Certification Preparation

If you are a FileMaker developer interested in taking the FileMaker Certification exam, the FileMaker Certification Preparation course covers all eight sections of the exam.

The FileMaker Certification Preparation course is available for purchase as a stand-alone course or purchase the University Bundle and gain access to all Productive Computing University courses.

Connect FileMaker to QuickBooks

Interested in learning how to integrate FileMaker to QuickBooks Desktop using the FM Books Connector plug-in? Have a look at our new training course designed to provide an in-depth look at the integration process.

    • Gain Knowledge - integrate your accounting with FileMaker
    • Develop Skills - build a direct connection to QuickBooks
    • Learn Efficiently - fast & effective way to master our plug-in

FileMaker QuickBooks Hosting

Want to host your QuickBooks Desktop file? Our QuickBooks Hosting plans allow you to run FileMaker and QuickBooks side-by-side in the cloud and access all your applications on a remote desktop.

    • Work Anywhere - access QuickBooks Desktop remotely
    • Personalized Desktop - install third-party apps on the server
    • QuickBooks Integration - connect FileMaker with QuickBooks

FileMaker Server SSL Certificate Installation Training Course

This course covers everything you need to know to properly install and configure your SSL certificate on FileMaker Server. Learn about the various types of SSL certificates, how to buy a domain and an SSL certificate, how to bind an SSL to a domain, how to point your domain to a FileMaker Server IP address, and more!

    • Enhance Security - protect your solution with an SSL cert
    • Protect Data - step-by-step instruction to install your SSL
    • Peace of Mind - properly configure and test your SSL

FileMaker Server External Authentication Course

Learn how FileMaker Server handles access to hosted databases through OAuth providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure. You'll understand how to perform basic configurations for External Authentication with Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google and Active Directory.

    • Advanced Skills - master the FileMaker Admin Console
    • Connect Confidently - fully utilize External Authentication
    • Better Security - improve FileMaker security with OAuth

FM Data Migration Assistant

Avoid the pains of working with Terminal to migrate your data from one file to another. Working alongside the FileMaker data migration tool made available with FileMaker 17 or higher, the FM Data Migration Assistant makes it easy to transfer data from one FileMaker file to another. This tool comes with a complimentary training course to demonstrate the tool's functionality.

    • User Interface - avoid Terminal and Comand Prompt
    • Quick Migrations - transfer data with the click of a button
    • Save Time - no need to implement complex migration scripts

FM Server Manager

Get full control of your FileMaker Server using the FileMaker Admin API. The FM Server Manager demonstrates how you can use FileMaker Server's new Admin API functionality to manage your server, schedule backups, query for user information and more. This free tool and complimentary training course will help you learn how to work with a FileMaker API.

    • Manage databases - monitor statuses and schedule backups
    • Understand API - learn the power of the FileMaker Admin API
    • Full Access - go beyond what is offered in the Admin Console

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