FileMaker Shared Hosting for FileMaker Pro 7 - 14 and FileMaker Pro WebDirect and Go!

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FileMaker Shared Hosting

For FileMaker Pro 7 - 14 and FileMaker WebDirect and Go!

What makes more sense than to have certified FileMaker Pro experts providing FileMaker Pro hosting?

Our staff is dedicated to personally walking each customer through their hosting setup process so that it is easy and pleasant for even the most novice computer user. Not only do we care about your FileMaker hosting, but we care about the solution you are running your business on. We have a hosting plan for all levels of users.

Benefits of hosting your FileMaker Pro solution
- Have access to your data everywhere: in the office, at home or on the road 
- Connect to your data from your desktop, from the web or from your iPad/iPhone 
- Remote employees easily connect to the system 
- Reduced IT infrastructure costs: no need to purchase & maintain a server 
- Professional & Proven FileMaker experts at your service

Our FileMaker Pro hosting service offers
- Multiple data centers keep your system close and fast 
- Faster bandwidth than typical in-house systems 
- Secured server facilities 
- Always running the latest FM Server & OS security patches

Automatic backups ensure your hosted files are safe
Our system provides for multiple backups to keep your data safe in case you accidentally remove crucial data, or in the unlikely event of a main hard drive catastrophe.
- Twice daily backups to a remote physical drive 
- Progressive backups so your data is never more than 60 minutes old for FileMaker Server version 12 or higher (shared hosting only)
- Daily Dropbox backups so you always have access to a copy 
- Manual Live Backups using your FM Server Admin Console

Security of your FileMaker file is top priority
Utilizing the latest technologies and the strictest practices ensures that not only is your data safe and secure.
- Secured server facilities
- SSL security between FileMaker Server and FileMaker client 
- Data files are kept safe and secure 
- Server machines are used ONLY for FileMaker Server

Starter Plan
Free 30 Day Trial: No setup fee.
1 Database File*
1 GB Storage Space*
5 Users*
2 Instant Web Publishing Users* (FM 11 and 12 only)
FileMaker Server Admin Console Access (FM 12, 13 and 14 only)
Dropbox Backup Access on demand, daily and weekly routines

Professional Plan
Free 30 Day Trial: No setup fee.
5 Database Files*
5 GB Storage Space*
10 Users*
5 Instant Web Publishing Users* (FM 11 and 12 only)
FileMaker Server Admin Console Access (FM 12, 13 and 14 only)
Dropbox Backup Access on demand, daily and weekly routines
FileMaker WebDirect Connections (FM 13, 14 only) an additional $10/month
FileMaker Go Connections an additional $10/month

All Plans Include
Free Personalized Setup 
Automatic Backups 
Multi-Version Support (FileMaker Pro 7 - 14 Mac or Windows) 
PHP Publishing API 
Customer Service from PCI's Expert Team 
Secure Uploads, Downloads and Connections   
Non-virtualized (PCI-owned) FileMaker Servers   
Solid State Drives for Ultimate Performance 
Upload Speeds up to 100 Mb/s

* Additional files, space or users can be added to your plan for $5/month.

Dedicated Hosting
Please see our Dedicated Hosting plans for more details.

Download demo now WindowsMacintosh

System Requirements

Application: MacintoshWindowsFileMaker® Pro 7 - 14


Starter FileMaker Hosting - Per Month: $30.00

Starter FileMaker Hosting - Per Year: $324.00

Professional FileMaker Hosting - Per Month: $50.00

Professional FileMaker Hosting - Per Year: $540.00

Single WebDirect / FM Go Connection - Per Month: $10.00

Single WebDirect / FM Go Connection - Per Year: $108.00

Additional DB - Per Month: $5.00

Additional DB - Per Year: $54.00

Additional FMP User - Per Month: $5.00

Additional FMP User - Per Year: $54.00

Additional IWP User - Per Month: $5.00

Additional IWP User - Per Year: $54.00

Additional GB Disk Space - Per Month: $5.00

Additional GB Disk Space - Per Year: $54.00

Additional Product Information

Please Note 30 Day Free Trial. Customer credit cards will automatically be charged after the 30 day trial is over and every month thereafter unless canceled.

FileMaker client versions higher than 14 may still be able to connect to FileMaker 14 based servers.

*WebDirect and FM Go connections are only available as an add-on feature with a Professional hosting plan. These connections can be purchased for an additional fee of $10 per month / per user.

*All prepayments are non-refundable.

What People
are Saying

I really appreciate being able to download the database every day.  I am a great believer in "off site" regular backups, and this gives me the ability to do so daily.     I have had excellent support hosting with you.  No down time, and no issues.     A satisfied customer,   Hank Mason Crystal Vaults

"I was so happy yesterday to recognize the control panel access is simply good old FileMaker Server 13 admin console, and I can do everything I need to do normally. I tested uploading the file to the PCI hosting server from a local FMP file, opening file remotely in FMP13 and then removing the old test file off the server. Tested getting a backup from Dropbox link too. All worked flawlessly. Another feature I like very much is having a "Removed" file automatically zipped and downloaded to the local desktop; so convenient! PCI hosting is awesome!"

"Thank you... I'm amazed at how fast and efficient you are. I've never had such good product support anywhere!"